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What do YOU bring to 1Emulation?

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Very simple question. We have a varied bunch of thoughtful, intelligent, moronic, humourous, cynical, audacious, optimistic, supportive, creative, trolling, helpful and friendly posters here. So which of these describes you best and basically...




What do you bring to 1Emulation.com?

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I bring my determination to become stronger.


I bring my intelligence, and my respect to whoever inhabits this forum. I am a teenager coming to bring something different, a person who matters, a person who will make a lasting impression on the forum members and the forum itself as well.

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An exceptional amount of knowledge, intelligence, and trivial information.

When the EFF put up their patent busting ad on Nintendo's attempted stranglehold patent on handheld emulation (in general, not just for gameboys), it took me 2 minutes to submit Gameboy 98 and MEKA (decent Game Gear and SMS emu) as prior art.

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