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  1. Okay, most/all of the CD tools listed in the freebies sticky were distinctly for burning isos to disc, not ripping them from disc to iso. I need a solid recommendation for a program that can either rip a disc to iso or bin without size limitations, or convert mdf to one of those formats. I've already checked out MagicIso; I'm not sure about conversions but the freeware version is crippled via size limitation on rips (300 MB). If one of the programs in teh sticky can do this, please indicate which one. If not, please recommend another program. Thank you.
  2. Bastards!!! You don't cancel good (keyword) games based on existing intellectual properties. You just don't! Chasing Slimer through the hotel would have been composed of epic win.
  3. American law: Any software product which has not been actively marketed (in a given format) for four years is considered abandonware (in that format), and, under various preservation of art arguments, is free to be acquired for the sake of archival and appreciation by whatever means are at your disposal (save for actual theft of someone else's copy). Canadian law: If a software product is no longer being marketed, it is considered abandonware. Same terms as American law apply. I've heard that a similar law reform was passed in America, but it was downplayed so much that few others have heard of it. Translation: NES through DC roms be legal, yo. And no, the wii VC doesn't negate the legality of the roms of any games released for it since the original roms were initially distributed in a different format (cartridge).
  4. The PS3 is between 2x and 4x as powerful as the 360 when the Cell is fully exploited (and depending on how it is exploited, of course), but few 3rd party devs are willing to actually go through what it takes to do it. In addition, most multi-platform games are developed with the 360 in mind and the devs basically just compile the code, so when the PS3 version comes it ends up running at half the frame rate because it's only using the PowerPC core. Ultimately, the only inferiority the PS3 suffers from is incompetent (I use the term loosely) development of games. It would not be difficult for any developer to call up Sony and ask them how they might exploit the Cell for a particular effect. Final Fantasy 13 will ultimately decide the winner here; I'm aware it's multi-platform now, but Versus still isn't (Nomura himself said it wouldn't be if he had anything to say about it). No Playstation console system has actually had games made for it that took full advantage of the system specs before Square showed everyone how. It'll be the same for PS3.
  5. I think I would kill for a new Marathon. Though, it might not work well since Marathon: Trinity more or less ended with the big crunch (of course, since each game in the original series loled at the ending of the previous one and said it didn't really go that way, it might not have gone that way).
  6. Because GTA games always get perfect scores. It's because of the open-ended world design that lets you do anything within its massive sandbox of crap. Unfortunately, all that most people do is jack a car, go on a rampage, and lol/gripe about it when the cops kick their ass. Am I the only person whose play style in GTA is to AVOID killing unnecessarily?
  7. A list of IP addresses may become a matter of public record. Any decent hacker viewing it would have all the info they need to track down the location of a given user. Violation of privacy right there. In addition, why does Viacom think they have the right to demand all information when they should, in theory, only be able to request information on view counts of their copyrighted material? Lastly, Google's representative should simply say "Your honor, with all due respect, **** you."
  8. Actually, I found it. He gets a teleport move in MK: Mythologies. You need it to beat Shinok (ancient issues of Nintendo Power ftw).
  9. Yes, but how many DC fans are all that into MK? The mere association may turn them off to the game.
  10. Actually, MvC had an excuse. Capcom had already made a Marvel superheroes fighting game for the PS1. I'm still not buying superhero fatalities. If they tone them down, then MK fans won't bother playing as them (because at this point all anyone wants to see in MK is how awesomely you can murder your opponent)
  11. Average halo fan: "ZOMG HALO IS TEH COOLEST EVAR AND TEH STORY IS SOOOOO ORIGINAL AND MASTER CHIEF IS TEH AWESOMEST HERO IN TEH WURLD LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Me: "WHOAAA! Take a valium!" Seriously, I don't hate Halo itself; its the dumbass fanboys who have caused what was at first a decent FPS with an unoriginal story (alien asshats have superweapon. Kill them all with your faceless protagonist) but satisfying gameplay (not so much with a controller. FPS games need a mouse) into what is increasingly a multiplayer festival for overzealous jocktards who think they're "teh l33tsauce cuz its so fast." By some weird stroke of fate, online shooter du jour, Unreal Tournament is so fastpaced that Halo fanboys fear it. I showed one such fanboy footage from UT3 and he was firmly of the opinion that all the players were on methamphetamines (speed, if I have my drug terminology right).
  12. Its been forever and a half since I played it. but didn't he have a teleport in MK1? I remember spamming it to win a tourney. The game is a licensing nightmare, designed to rape our fond childhood memories of Superman/Liu Kang (depends on the type of child you were as to which of these you have fond memories of) with a crossover which makes less sense than 4chan's /b/ as a whole. They will either take out fatalities, rendering MK truly nothing but a Street Fighter clone, or they will grant DC characters their own fatalities, which 99% of the heroes in DC would never use on moral grounds. The whole thing is simply stupid.
  13. fumanchu is, unfortunately, uninformed in this matter. Metal Gear for the NES was a dumbed down "port" done by a different team than the original with completely different maps, an altered setting, horribly worse dialogue, and a complete lack of giant robots (the Metal Gear is an evil supercomputer in this version). It is noncanonical, and Kojima was embarassed about its existence. Snake's Revenge for the NES was a standalone game that could have been canonical (has giant robots. that's about it), but isn't officially part of the Metal Gear storyline. Metal Gear for the MSX is the one to go for, followed immediately by its sequel, Metal Gear : Solid Snake also for the MSX. They are full of canon, Kojima-ism, and win. Also, in MG:SS, there's a significant connection to Snatcher, so you might want to check that out sometime (I like the Sega CD version. You know, because I can read it). In addition, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel for the gameboy color (released internationally as Metal Gear Solid because Ghost Babel was too awesome a title) is a decent entry in the series which is potentially canon, if unimportant overall. Both MSX games are included in MGS 3: Subsistance, so if you can get a copy of that, you needn't bother with emulators. If you still want to bother with emulators, look up RuMSX. It runs fast on a lower-end PC (I've tested it on as low as a P3-500 with no speed issues). The only problem is that you have to enter the cartidge type yourself for Metal Gear 1. It's a pulldown menu, though, so it's just a bit of trial and error. tl;dr Metal Gear on MSX is superior in every way.
  14. Uh... That'd be id Software. Okay, maybe Raven helped. I can't remember. Hexen was the direct sequel to Heretic, although you didn't play as the last survivor of the Sidhe (your elven hero in Heretic) or even on the same world (for reasons which are explained exquisitely in the series backstory (some cool stuff about a guy piloting a ship through the ether of space and finding out that the blackness was demons clammoring to come through the wall at the end of the universe (they're on the other side). Oops, he crashed into the wall and 3 demons made it through the crack; The Serpent-Riders).
  15. CRITICAL UPDATE! The World Ends With You works now The latest version of iDeaS,, released in May runs Squeenix's urban-themed opus "The World Ends With You" without significant graphical error (every emulator up to now has shown the matte layer (black) on top of the sprites and most backgrounds). To get past the opening cinema (Neku running from the frog noise, not him waking up at the Scramble Crossing), you'll have to set your CPU overclock and frame skip to none. Then you'll have to hope it works (33% of the time).
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