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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Just saw Dark City



I'm surprised you hadn't seen this movie before.


Anyways, I just saw





I wouldn't know what to rate it, but it was a pretty good. I think the Beatles references and songs are what truly kept me going as it wasn't the greatest film I've seen. The love story was way better than that sh!tfest called PS I Love You's story (you know, that movie chicks get all wet over?), and I guess it just seemed more genuine and all. There were a few scenes that I couldn't stand, but they didn't really throw off my experience too much. The visuals were awesome. mmmm can't think of anything more. I enjoyed it, though I would suggest against viewing if you're not into musicals or don't care for The Beatles.


Oh, the songs weren't butchered, btw. There were probably two that I didn't like, but I wasn't so into them to begin with.

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my wife forced me to watch Juno. I was not interested in watching this movie at all, but it was actually pretty funny and a good movie. She also forced me into watching Girl, Interrupted and that is a sack of crap.

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