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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Hellboy 2 The Golden Army


Seems more like they were trying to make a "cool" movie as a opposed to a good movie with depth a substance.

Hellboy acted ridiculously and annoying gun ho, the dialogue was way to cheesy at times, and everything just felt rushed with a total lack of back story. Just two second explanations.

I found myself enjoying the scenes with the main villain much much more. By far the coolest/most interesting part of the movie. I am going to go as far as to say he is the COOLEST comic book movie villian EVAR!1!!



Worth seeing but do not expect to much, it's not as good as the first one.

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Forgot to mention, I saw this while I was on vacation...


A lot of people have said a lot of bad things about it, but to be honest I really enjoyed it. The biggest downfall was the campy/cheesy dialog, but in my opinion it did not ruin the movie. A few scenes were over the top with unrealistic death defy stunts too. But in the end it was a great movie.

Pulp adventure movie fun.


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Had a bunch of movies ;


We own the Night - enjoyed it very much. Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg in it.

Layer Cake - Little rough now and then. Though, another good role made for Daniel Craig.

Flags of our Fathers - there are to many WWII-shooters and movies out there. Not bad but to me just another copy of the theme.

Broken Flowers - similar to Lost in Translation but not that good.

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One of the worst movies I have ever seen, EVER!


Naz is the crappiest actor of all time too.


That's the only Seagal film I have never seen. I was so looking forward to it too :peopleseybrow:


Avoid it at all cost!

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Harold and Kumar 2, I heard people saying how this movie doesn't live up to it's first one. Well, they're wrong, it's almost if not on par with the first IMHO. This time around the movie has more cussing, yes a lot more than the first as well as more nudity (how can you say not enough to a bottomless party?). As for Harold and Kumar, they fulfilled their roles and finish where they left off from the first movie. The humor is funny, sure I might not laugh my ass off with tears but I do smile most of the time and it's a really funny movie toward an adult audience. Oh and one more thing, remember how racial offensive the first movie can be? well expect a lot, A LOT more in this one. You will be offended but at the same time have fun as well. You will enjoy this movie if you love the first one. So for those who haven't seen it yet and crave for some comedy, Harold and Kumar 1&2 fit that bill.

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Just saw the brave one, loved every second of it. Jodie Foster is one of my "Omg awesome movie" actresses :peopleseybrow:.


Lol. Jodie Foster is one of my 'OMG avoid this crap like the plague' actresses. I can't stand her voice for some reason. Apart from Silence of the Lambs (much preferred Manhunter anyway), what has she been in?

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Apart from Silence of the Lambs (much preferred Manhunter anyway), what has she been in?


Sommersby, Maverick, Nell, Contact, Taxi Driver, Freaky Friday, Mesmerized, The Accused, Anna and the King, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Panic Room, Flightplan, and Inside Man.

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