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  1. if you were going to emulate Matrimelee, what would you use? i cant see an entry for it on mame(32-gui), fba or winkawaks.
  2. I wasn't talking about the move sets or even the characters (I guess that would be Dural vs Tekken's circus/zoo roster). Tekken feels more believable in the way hits and attacks land on opponents. As for accurate interpretations, does that include the 100's of PPPK variations.
  3. It repairs with hunting rifles actually, and they're everywhere. Oh also worth noting now is the Nuka-Grenades. Before Broken Steel they wern't a priority since you needed the quantums for a quest. But now with the Quantum Chemist perk, can have some Fat-Boy scale fun with them. ps. I was kind of absent minded when I created this thread in 360 section, I forgot PC versions got the dlc too.
  4. I think Tekken became and still is more popular than VF for a reason. That reason has got nothing to do with how 'technical' either series is, though vf fans love to try and take that high road. The problem with the VF games is how they feel. How the characters move, how they attack, and how they take a hit. Whether its that stupid thunder clap sound that rings out when a hit lands, Akira's faster than light movements or the floaty way characters jump, the games have been and still are unconvincing. Sure the characters look real good in vf5, but to control, they still feel like the papier mache covered wire frames they were in vf1. Tekken on the other hand at least feels like its improved the feel of characters and attacks over its many sequels. I still wouldn't say its perfect in this respect, but even when you're juggling and bouncing opponents the attacks feel more 'weighty' and believable. I don't hate the vf series. Believe me I put so much money into the VF2 arcade game, and still enjoy the odd go on vf5. Tekken though, as long as they never make another Tekken4 mistake, will always be prefered over vf.
  5. So Broken Steel came out this month, and I got back into playing Fallout 3. It also reminded me how much I like using Lincoln's Repeater. It can rip a super mutants head off from a 100 yards away. It's easily my favourite unique, yet I know I still have a few more to find. Anyway, does anyone else a fave unique weapon in Fallout 3?
  6. I traded my copy in last week. Game is an unbalanced p.o.s. not fit for competitive play. Its even more so online, I doubt any of the issues were even playtested with a laggy connection by capcom. At first I held onto the game with the naive idea that Capcom might patch the gameplay, but then obviously I remembered the grand old history of title updates Capcom is famous for with the sf series (sfiv second round I guess).
  7. Lars is Heihachi's scandinavian lovechild lol.
  8. anyone want a fight, got my 360 back today.
  9. I have sf4 and would be happy to play anyone here online if they're in the UK or even europe. East coast USA at a stretch, but anything/anyone further away would be too laggy.
  10. Dragon's Quest 5 seems to have similar problems.
  11. I have a 1Tb ext hdd now, got it at xmas. I think of it a bit like having a really big space under my bed I can use when I need to tidy up the place.
  12. Keanu Reeves as The Comedian might have been unintentionally funny.
  13. Ak sys games always look great, but can get a bit confusing to watch ( who's doing what to whom?)
  14. Inky appreciate the warning bar, but even saying its different is kind of a spoiler in itself? I'm not trying to have a go at you in particular, but it does remind me about the number of spoilers I've seen elsewhere. I have been amazed by the arseholishness of some people on the internet to just casually give away the most interesting plot twists of Watchmen... -What am I saying? Its not like there wasn't the whole Harry Potter "- kills Dumbledore" thing.
  15. I can't even remember what my firmware is now, let alone with all the ios changes I made.
  16. I might think about getting this, even at this price, as long as they don't try to sell seperate dlc for it 5 mins later, and of course if they set-up a workable control system on 360 pad. With online play this could make for a really decent arena based 1 on 1 fps, something I've not had for a while since quake3 mods.
  17. I didn't either, had wide out in the open with plenty of space around it. Funkiest thing about when it RR'd, I hadn't actually used it for a few days, infact it had been the first time in a while it had been switched off for more than 24 hours. Now that I've looked things up, wish I'd tried that towel method to fix the red rings, rather than have to wait weeks for MS.
  18. I got that when mine came back from repair, but the damn machine started failing on me after one days use. So sending it off a second time I included a short letter. I didn't think it was extreme to ask for more compensation than just another 1 months xblive. ~ does anyone here have a jasper motherboard, if so how long have they had it? I really hope all red ring issues have been knocked out with this new motherboard.
  19. thats a good question, but since they speculated that additional characters could be released as dlc (Deejay etc.), this might be the only sf4 you'll need, along with a ton of ms/PSN points. it's bad enough that they're charging for additional costumes, makes you wonder how much they'll try and bleed you for your fave missing character.
  20. You could have met them, Introduced yourself then beat them really badly! I have no desire to meet my neighbors. I pretty much hate everyone in my apartments on principle. ok, so wait until they go out, break into their home, switch on their 360, find out what their gamertag(s) is, switch it off again, go back home, send them a challenge through xbox live. would also be funny to see what the lag would be like.
  21. Its gonna be interesting, but I doubt they're gonna stray very far from the graphic novel. Having said that, hope they keep the ending exactly the same, and make no compromises.
  22. thats a damn shame. Hopefully these crowdgather people dont try to buy(/disrupt) anymore sites.
  23. I know what you mean, there are some revered old classics I keep on meaning to play, but everytime I sit down to play them, it's not long before I'm reaching for the save option and quitting out. ...if Pokemon games have the option to remove the animations/effects for an attack (making battles quicker in the long run), couldn't Square have done the same thing for those 20 second long magic animations you end up seeing 10,000 times :/
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