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When I am at "Belthasar's" house, we usually have something like tuna or pasta, or he brings home subs and soup...but last night, since Friday was his day off...we didnt really have anything, so I ended up making pizza sandwiches on a George Forman "lean mean fat reducing grilling machine" It was pretty good and I'd recomend it to anyone who was hungry and wanted something quick that's cooked.



Yea it was very good!!!!!! Pizza sandwiches that come out like grilled cheese, from a Forman grill.... who knew!

All I can say, is if you don't have milk, eat the cereal dry. I once had fruit punch in my fruity pebbles. I though "hey, there both fruity" Ha.... It was even in my smoking days... Not even the munchies could make that one good. I also once wanted something sweet. This was long ago, when I was pretty young. I grabbed some Bakers Chocolate and melted it up with alot of sugar. It wasn't enough sugar, by far. And even if it was, I wasn't a cook yet, I went about it all wrong.

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