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Capcom announces Street Fighter IV

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This sort of thing doesn't happen very often, you know. According to Games Radar, a Capcom Gamer's Day event in London has revealed a brand new (and not entirely unexpected) entry in the seminal 2D fighting franchise, Street Fighter. Most notably, this new entry increases the numeral at the end of the title as opposed to the number of Super Hyper Ultra adjectives at the start.


Not much is known about Street Fighter IV at present, save for the fact that its release is more than a year away. Other things you can likely expect while we wait for more details and media to arrive: Ken and Ryu in HD, Hadoukens and extremely pithy victory remarks.




Debut trailer in the link as well.

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I just hope to god that it's 2d, that's all.

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trailer is up http://www.gametrailers.com/player/26535.html


they better not fuuck it up and make this into another street fighter EX game or a game using the tekken engine with street fighter. Capcom, listen to the fans and just create a follow up of the street fighter 3rd strike engine with more characters and <3.

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