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  1. That's happened to me before. Well, I think it's the same thing. Is their skin blue and their clothes like orange or something?
  2. LOL I know they do look weird. They each only have 2 hypers (I haven't used them in forever so I don't remember what buttons) but once you get used to them they're pretty cool. Sasuke is good during team battle because his fireballs can hit all around the screen.
  3. I have a modded xbox but I have no idea how to get that on there XD FTP doesn't install it right for me.
  5. I only ever found one sailor moon. How do I tell which one I have? Her outfit. Or, look at her chest. The brooch thing that she wears is different everytime. What does her outfit look like?
  6. For me it's Sailor Moon. I have about 6 versions of her. It's about to be 7 once Sakuraka releases hers. I'm bored so i'll list her forms :] I have Summoning Sailor Moon: Has all of the specials from the first season of the show, and can summon the other sailors at command Prism Sailor Moon: Original version of sailor moon, ripped straight from the arcade game Cosmic Sailor Moon: Has all of her supers from the S season, including sailor planet power and a badazz reference to Gycenia Super Sailor Moon: Has all of the supers from the Super S season, although she is incredibly cheap and 1-2 punches can fill up her special meter Super Sailor Moon: Silver Crystal Edition: Has all of her supers from the Super S season, and more. horrifyingly cheap, if hit in her mid section releases an energy blast that takes off 1/6 of your health Eternal Sailor Moon: Has all of the hypers from the Stars season. Cheapest form, all attacks are one hit kills, and she has 1000 health, 10 times more than the default level. also, her health regenerates, so chibi fighters will find it totally impossible to beat her because she recovers from their attacks as soon as it's dealt. probably the cheapest character since F1, best match is probably a handicap simul with her alone and psycho shredder and ssj4 nightmare broly XD. She'd win Sakuraka's WIP of Prism Sailor Moon: Rip from the same game, has same attacks edits as all of sakuraka's other senshi. That killed some time.
  7. No problem and nope xD theres a Kakashi in development at mugenguild.com
  8. (lol Michael would lose...unlike freddy he doesn't last for long when his head is knocked off.) Make Jason an extremely cheap character with 1000 health like Eternal Sailor Moon, just unlike her his health doesn't regenerate lol. you'd have to make him cheap. You could have one with crazy health that in theory you could beat him, but then make a "true" Jason as a joke that's unbeatable through cheapness. LOL That reminds me of Tekken 3. After you beat the boss you have to fight this monster thing that steals souls and has everyones moves and after the like 1000th battle you beat him, then when you win round 1 he turns into True Orge and burns you to death with fire breath xD
  9. I have alot of the regular sized naruto characters. (Including Sasuke and Neji and all of the others (even tenten XD)) http://www.narutogen.com/narutomugen.php I have a regular sized Yoruichi but she sucks because she can only kick and when she's jumping she can punch @-@
  10. That happened to me all the time when I first started messing with mugen. It's either you missed something while you were setting up the char, or that character just doesn't work. If you have winrar, it'll tell you if the char is corrupt because it identifies that there are missing files. I know this is pretty old but i'm just bored -.-
  11. no its just the standard xbox controllers it just seems to hang at the xmugen disclaimer screeen,where it tells you to press f1. LOL there's your problem...they made a port out of the original mugen, not the patch. You'll have to google how to fix that, because you're not making it past that screen unless you get someone who knows how to tell you how to do it ^.^'
  12. (lol Michael would lose...unlike freddy he doesn't last for long when his head is knocked off.) Make Jason an extremely cheap character with 1000 health like Eternal Sailor Moon, just unlike her his health doesn't regenerate lol.
  13. I've had that error with extremely fast fighters on my old computer...If I had someone really fast (like Sakuraka's Sailor Mercury) or someone really slow (like that one dude's Itachi) The game crashed. I don't know what it was (maybe my computer was jacked up?) lol.
  14. PLEASE be in 2D ;-; Street Fighter EX and EX 2 were weird enough -.- Street Fighter was meant for 2D.
  15. Yeah. The Art of Fighting, Super Street Fighter 2, and Sailor Moon Super S characters exist. Goto www.mugenation.com to find the Art of Fighting characters, www.sailorvgame.org for the sailor moon characters, and www.mugenfury.com for the street fighter characters. Actually, You can find virtually anything at mugen fury (or esnips like evil ryu x said XD)
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