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Capcom announces Street Fighter IV

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I other news, I LIKE Street Fighter 2 EX.


There, I said it.


Who are you, and what have you done with Agozer?

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This is wonderful news...I finally got a game to look forward to now!


Isn't it weird...not long after CPS3 is finally emulated, SF4 is announced. Hmm.

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They can't afford on making another SF3- where all characters except Ryu & Ken are new. This game will be for fans, or at least marketed to the nostalgic older people, whether it ends up being good fan service or not. If they made a new cast, new visual style and new gameplay, why even make SF4 after all these years and not a new property?


That said, have older / wiser Ryu & Ken (not that old) and have an older Sagat. My main issue is that a few of the more significant characters NEED to return this time. SF4 NEEDS Sagat, Bison, Guile.. maybe Vega and Urien. Don't think anyone really likes or gives a damn about Gill.


They can do whatever they like with the rest of the cast after that. But yeh if there is no Sagat in SF4 I will be pissed to say the least.

The problem with appealing to the nostalgic is they have to make it make sense. Sagat still has his beef with Ryu, that's a given, they haven't finished that at all fight at all, Sagat would be pretty old I'd think, maybe in his late 50s or something if they really do age. Guile has no reason to fight, Bison is dead (deader than a dead horse). Claw just needs something to do pretty much, maybe as Urien's sabordinate or something, Urien himself still wants to control the world, they could do something with that.


An all new cast with ties to the past is something that's been brought up at a few other boards (SFIII with Lee from SF1 for example) as an idea also.

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The only characters that can be realistically bring back from the past:

Sagat (yeah, I like him too)

Balrog (can be a merc or something)

Vega (same as Balrog)

Dhalsim(?) (But seems to me Necro kinda replaced him)

Sakura (Wizard raise the point)


Zangief (std grappler)

T.Hawk (another std grappler)


E. Honda (or his student, maybe?)


Cammy (with different outfit, maybe?)




Yep, basically my wish list :P

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I wouldn't consider T.Hawk a grappler (his only grappling moves are Storm Hammer and his super afterall). But also Alex would be another good addition because he found his calling (similar to Ryu's lol? TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN - he has loli patrica too wtf?).


Blanka, Dhalsim & Necro all together is kind of redundent. Either have both Blanka & Dhalsim or just Necro. Although all their storylines are wrapped up already, leading to sort of a problem (well, Urien COULD still go after Necro, but he already has 12, so what would be the point?).


Keep Dudley, don't bring back boxer. They can throw in Cody, his brother and Guy back together of course. Ripping them right out of the crappy Streetwise game. Hugo OR Andore would be awesome as well, since Andore was original suppose to appear in Streetwise anyways! (Along with Poison O.o).


I can go on forever...

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Would love using Poison :o

I thought Poison was a dude?


My character wish list.

Vega (the Spanish ninja is my favorite fictional character of all time)

Guy (second favorite street fighter)

FEi Long





more final fight characters

even Saturday night slam masters characters

and a bunch of new and interesting characters

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Great ness and trailer. I'm sure all of us are hoping for a 2D SF. It isn't SF without Ken and Ryu.

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who in the world....said DEe-Jay?

omg, no!

I felt he was like a spot filler when they ran out of ideas...

Keep Gief! I personally learned him and thrased in SFA3!

I never liked the ryu-clone sakura and her need to panty flash me the whole game, but they need..........to ............bring.................back.................(as fatal already suggested) FEILONG!


Edited by Shoma

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