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First ROM you ever played?


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nes: mario bros. (not super mario bros, but mario bros)

snes: super mario world (when it was running at like 6 fps )

n64: Super smash brothers

genesis: sonic 1 (again at like 6 fps )

gameboy : wario world 1

neogeo: fatal fury 1

cps1 : punisher

cps2: xmen vs sf



god, some of those were ages ago.....

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From the day that I was introduced to emulators, some 3 years ago, my first rom was probably Chrono Trigger or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters for the ZSNES. Chrono Trigger still remains my favorite RPG of all time (and I have played and own quite many) and it was a game that I needed to have on everything possible (SNES, emulator, and PSX). <_<

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For me it was Castlevania III on Nesticle. I initially got into emulation to replace all the games I got ripped off trading in at Funcoland. I felt bad getting $3-5 for a game my parents bought me for $50 as a Christmas gift. Like Jungle Hunt for the Atari 7800. It's shocking that a game like Jungle Hunt went for the same price as today's average XBox game.

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