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  1. bphprrr... That doesn't work by moving the icon outside the screen, because you can still select it. if i can find my mugen folder, i'll tell you exactly how to make a boss unselectable, Permethium.
  2. Can I get help using 2 joysticks with Windows Mugen? I think I've had a hard time for months. Even better, can Mugen be used with X-Arcade stick?
  3. You could basicly change the 'Press Start' text into 'Insert Coin(s)'... Coooooooooollll!!!! Thats EXCELLENT THANKS MAN!!!
  4. Cna someone tel me if this exists or is there a way to make an insert coin feature instead of seeing the lame old "Press Start" screen? M.U.G.E.N rocks but one thing.... "Press Start" feels childish. I want to see "Insert Coin (s)" to make me feel lke i'm about to play something tuff.
  5. GryphonKlaw, does it do that in all MUGENs? I have about 5 different versions, i hope they all clean with that error. TTP, where can I download Electrocade? I think I'm up for a thousand characters on the select screen.
  6. so does XBOX Mame play 60/60 smooth frames without a sound scratch or graphics studder? I bet that doesn't compare my new PC i'm getting.
  7. ofcourse you can add music to individual/specific stages. Edit the stage.def file and add the line directory for your music file in the proper spot. Hope lee and i help
  8. Vir Virtua emulator my friend. Virtua emulator that supposedly emulates 2A-CRX games.
  9. Ohhhhh YOur On.. I'll Hand Your Ass To You Like I Did To Weirdanzeige At Marvel Vs Capcom!!! Or Super Street Fighters 2,.. Ok I Was Close Just One More Hit And He Lost. Bet! I'll pm you tonight and we'll have a meeting.
  10. How many characters and backgrounds can you fit in Mugen? I have over 200 characters and bunches of stages (somewhere in the 80s). So, I tried to put 40 backgrounds in -WinMugen Unlimited- and only about 10 where selectable. Also, the Capcom vs SNK screenpack has 60 slots. Can I increase that to atleast 90 slots in the.def file? Some characters, especial Mortal Kombatants, their avatars have imperfect colors. Can that be fixed? oh and i heard and seen several screenshots that Mugen is a shareware. after a few weeks, it'll poop on you. Is that true? I want my MUGEN to last for eternity!
  11. man....we'll be able to play kaillera for all our lives, it'll last until we last. ANyone who good in mame or kawaks, pm me for an appoinment.
  12. Doom Myst NiGHTS Reloaded Virtua Fighter 2 Virtua Cop ..lol
  13. ca help me find tiger electronic simulators? I'm espeically looking for Street fighter 2 and some other Bandai and Tiger electronics. those were the days and I would like to relive em.
  14. I hope so, Kaillera is the best role of our lives. I want to still be able to play online, even when I'm 40.
  15. but NSS Contra improved big time and NSS F-Zero and other Nintendo files doesn't even display. It keeps saying bad dumped rom. Where's a good place to get up-to-date data files for roms?
  16. graduate Non-Working roms to working? Someone was telling me ClrMamePro does that but I tried and failed. The roms are good but you have to teach mame to read the rom and what not. Dunno...can someone help me? Thnx
  17. What's up with the new Nebula Model 2 re-write...or should I say the bored Sega Model CRX-2B emulation Can't it play Daytona USA in "2D"? I tryed dropping it in the folder and it doesn't even show up on the list. I can only use it with the Nebula Jukebox. Oh and btw, Virtua sucks ass.
  18. reminds me.... McChicken from $$ Menu isn't chicken. Its straight up batter and an unknown meat substance mixed. How do i know? I was concerned one day because i noticed a total difference between a McChicken and a Crispy Chicken sandwich. I dropped the McChicken fillet inside hot water and everything dissolved! I heard US were to BAN beef imports, but by doing so would hurt the industry.
  19. nice thread! the very first rom I ran on my PC was Mega Man X (SNES). I was so excited that i quickly finished my ice-cream like it was milk! then in the next order... 2- F-Zero (SNES) 3- Street Fighter II Champion (Arcade) The day I discovered arcade and ran SF2-CE, I nearly fainted! 4- Mortal Kombat 5- Mortal Kombat 2.
  20. i stop eating meat three weeks ago. meat sucks now, I stay far away from it.
  21. hey, just look on this page you are on this page just look around and you'll find it
  22. from candy-5 to buttum-1 5- STREET FIGHTER II' HYPER FIGHTING 4- Street Fighter II- World Warriors 3- Marvel vs. Capcom 2- X-Men vs. Street Fighter 1- Capcom Sports Club
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