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  1. reinstall your motherboard drivers, video and sound drivers.
  2. also remeber to set up the dual processor first in the bios prior installing windows,same whit the pentium 4 hyper theading cause you can't set up the dual procesor after windows is installed it wona mess up windows.
  3. another likns guys emu plus rom http://planeta.terra.com.br/lazer/kof2k3/M...thKOF2k3rom.rar this works enjoy
  4. do not hate it, they are not stupid, they are creative and different, that is all!! (respect your opinion, no offence) for all of you who would like to try the blue version, cause you alredy are sick and tired of the original or just want to change colors as if is in one menu, here is the blues version hack made by jeff. for best result follow the next procedures. make a copy of the svcplus roms and rename it svcplus"blue" or any name then in that put the hacked blued p1, then in your dat file, copy and paste the dat for the original svcplus so you will have two. now change the name of one
  5. there are roumors about a secret stage and a final boss
  6. okey boys here cheats metal slug 5 for kawaks and nebula cheats 4 kawaks enjoy
  7. waoo i remenber those first days when i found out about emualtion my first rom that i downloaded and played for testing purposes was marvel super heroes vs street fighter
  8. the roms are in format ms5_c1.rom and so on, you just download it unzip it and ready to play, its come everything ready enjoy.
  9. humm well i believe that rumors like that, i mean that image could be a strategy from sony to see what fans have to say, maybe not but thats waht i think also sony alredy have seen all the reviews of that picture and a lot of users like it. even some point that sony should see it!! anyway i hope that the ps3 fill all the expectations in a good and satisfying way.
  10. here is the whole link for nrx whit mslug5 guys hope you find out how to play it on kawaks an also some cheats cheers http://www.kofchile.cl/modules.php?name=Do...p=getit&lid=140]download here[/url]
  11. Playstation 3 is comin an whit an exiting design, here the screenshop click for see biggerbigger here this image apears to be fake, i mean is not a sony official prototype, it is suppose to be made by some artist in france, but i do not believe that, i think its come directly from sony, the specs are amazing, it will com whit one super processor amde by IBM, TOSHIBA AND SONY, so the next generation of games in 3d will be incredible better than ever before read the full specs review here ps3 insider
  12. yes i have seen those im ages before and they are not fake!!! i also check clark and leona i differents missions and many websites arround the world confirm that, so this make the game more and more interesting...i just can't wait to have it on kawaks cheers
  13. street fighter turbo was amazing..!!! that triple shoryuken of ken, ohh nice memories, but the super street fighter 2 turbo whit gouki wasa the street fighter that i have played of all
  14. and thamks for the audio thing, yes you are right!!! this gamne needs the digital or analog audio conection from the cd rom to the audio or mother board otherwise the music will not be availeable. and waoooo the music is delicious whit cd queality amazing right now i am just plating it, it is not that hard..actually is the first time i play this catlevania thanks hyperwolf..theres a lot of people having trouble to burn that game right now!! and is just so easy thanks
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