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What is with foreigners?


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IMHO, people should not join English networks on Hamachi... AND SPEAK GERMAN!!!  :angry: Look at these encounters I've had:

Blue always = Me


*** examples ***

They make me feel so akward!  ;) WHY can't they stick to networks that speak GERMAN??!!?!

I agree that people having long conversations in another language than the channel's one are very irritating.


But hell! The examples you give are nothing. The second guy didn't even write a single word in german. As bad and short as it sounded, he even tried to write english. It was obviously very hard for him.


Most of the information on the net is in english, and most channels are english-speaking. Obviously there are also lots of information in german, but a lot less. Sometimes one just can't find the info one seeks in one's own language.


Also, that doesn't have anything to do with foreigners, just with people not speaking english. :D


Mooney, do you speak a language other than english? :)


btw I'm not german and my german is terrible :P

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