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Hurricane Katrina CATEGORY 5!!!

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You can watch a live stream of the local news coverage of Hurricane Katrina from WWL Channel 4.


-> http://www.wwltv.com/perl/common/video/mak...t_khou&live=yes


Hey foo quit trying to still my glory!


Sorry about that, didn't notice you already posted it. :D


EDIT: The newscast guy just mentioned there are over 25,000 people watching that stream.

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Update: It is now a category 4 storm, although if it goes up 1 mph then it's cat 5. The pressure it up to 910 mb. It's very windy right now. I can hear my window clattering and many loud gusts.

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Did you see those wankers with surf boards! I seen it on FOX news last night, some crazy mother feckers!


Didnt think I would be so glad of our british weather!

They want to catch that one monster wave. Retards.


btw, it's philanthropist.

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