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Hurricane Katrina CATEGORY 5!!!

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Hang in there Gryph... I'm missing your presence online by the second.

Take care of yourself and your family members. :roll1:


....as to Hurricane Katrina....


I have nothing more to say, but I do hope to donate very soon.

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1emulation should start a charity to hurricane katrina victems

I already did foo!! It's right HERE.


I was watching news coverage of people being airlifted of of roofs...as well as instances of looting. I didn't know Black people made up th majority of the population (67.5%).


As already mentioned, power and/or internet is down. I'm sure Gryph is out helping and what not.

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haha yeah. I have not been here for ages. Gryph i hope your alright man. I was freaked for all the people living there because on the news in the morning when i was on my way to school they were saying over 1000 missing people have been reported. I sure hope Gryph is alright, :roll1: that would be hilarious if george bush did that.

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I am not dead. We just got power. We didn't get any flooding but quite a bit of wind and wind damage.


I haven't read any of the posts in this thread but am just posting to say I am alive. Will read another time.


Cheers. If you can, send aid to New Orleans and surrounding areas (not us). They got flocked in the ass.


EDIT: Damn, this sounds like a telegram. The reason this post is so cut up and fragmented is because I'm on dialup and don't want to tie up the line since people are trying to call. I am writing about my experiences the past few days and will post it when I'm done.

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