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  1. Bump! oooh there it goes again
  2. Did you see those wankers with surf boards! I seen it on FOX news last night, some crazy mother feckers! Didnt think I would be so glad of our british weather!
  3. Can someone translate his email reply into english please
  4. well... once you have extracted the files from the multiple 20 MB rar files you should now have 1 more file in the format of *.CDI. I can't beleive that someone with over 100 posts doesn't understand the whole multirar thing!
  5. he must have thought he downloaded a full DC iso in under a second!
  6. Sorry about posting on an oldish thread, but some DC games e.g. D2 are larger than your normal disc but can be burned on 800MB (90 min) discs, I've also made some games selfbootable like silver, but they have to be burned on the larger Disc too, and they work fine on your DC. Only problem is not all CD-R drives can burn em...
  7. Blown controller units are quite common too, I know people who have actually bought broken consoles of ebay cheap and simply replaced the unit. You could try that.
  8. yeah, the two prongs which the cord connects too...
  9. Yeah, it will only be able to used to save either the MGS, T3 or GT2 bleem! discs, well, they are the only ones I use, havn't tried the Bleem! beta
  10. This is quite a common problem, it's to do with the two prongs on the PSU, Sega recommended to try putting some WD40 on them, leave over night then connect the power lead back and try again, however, if it still happens your PSU is flocked and it's time for a new Dreamcast I'm afraid
  11. Well, I dunno, I've got 5 brand new dreamcast's unopend, but I don't think I could bring myself to sell them on ebay though.
  12. I beleive all the dreamcast servers are now gone. But maybe from a collector's standpoint, it'd be worth it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Incorrect , some of the servers are still online, you can still play the following online: Phantasy Star Online PAL Only StarLancer Quake III Sega swirl 4X4 Evolution F355 Challenge You can still download ghost data Maximum Pool As for online content with downloads Zombie Revenge Theres prolly still more!
  13. I doubt it, but the Dreamcast dev units are built similar to PC's
  14. Firstly, Hi Shiba! I've not been back here for ages (been busy completing my PAL DC game collection, real GD's btw ), the DC forum aint as busy as it used to be! think it's time to hang around for a while! Anyway, your are correct Shiba, as you said, it takes too long to read from the drive, this is just a method by getting data from GD to the PC.
  15. If you are using a burned copy of the game gameshark cheats wont work <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Erm... Gameshark codes WILL work on burned games, I have done it many a time myself, you just have to make sure the code you are using is for the correct version of the game you have, e.g. GameShark codes wont work on the PAL or JAP version of Sonic Adventure and vice versa.
  16. Plus the fact that winfellow aint been updated in donkeys!
  17. Is there plans to introduce a cool them like the new one, but with white backgrounds and black text, it's just that I find the high contrast of the white text on black backgrounds kills my eyes Oh, and the Invision board default theme is okay, but misses the cool 1emulation logos.
  18. would be cool, but there are know free ones for the UK
  19. That is correct, but DreamKey is also for Europe too, but its not been ripped
  20. I concur. I only use warez for testing purposes. but if everyone did that no game swould be bought
  21. I was just scanning over some of my old Official Dreamcast mags and I found some info about the zip drive and DVD player, The Zip drive was able to work mainly as just save game storage but with the possabilaty of future games using it for other reasons and would slot under the dreamcast. The DVD was just a stand alone DVD player with the Dreamcast logo mounted on front, here is a pic:
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