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Hurricane Katrina CATEGORY 5!!!

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I missed the actual story, but I heard it called Hurricane Katrina.  I assume it's been upgraded now?


Jesus how many times has the Hurricanes hit the US? God must have a problem with USA :P

Mainly just the south. The east coast sometimes gets hurricanes but it's rare.


And yes, it was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane and will probably gain strenght while it's in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Well...this storm is going to flock some crap up. We're pretty much in the direct path so that sucks. It's also one of the biggest storms to hit since 1969.


This storm could very well be the one that submerges New Orleans like those worst case scenarios say.

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Hot crap it's a Category 5! New Orleans has a mandatory evacuation. Luckily, we are farther away so we should be safe. I hope.


This thing is going to tear some crap up!

holy crap! cat 5!! it was upgraded to cat 4 at around 2 this morning pst. poor new orleans..... I always wanted to go to the french quarter during marti gras. I doubt there is a french quarter by tuesday.........

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It's pretty odd how it went from a minor storm to the storm of the century in 2 days. And this pretty much half way through the season! It would suck if more storms came. Goddamit, this officially sucks.

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