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PlayStation 3 Officially Announced for 2006


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The heating solution will puzzle me till I find out exactly how it's done.


In some PS3 news, Epic has chosen as a middleware provider:

RALEIGH, May 17th, 2005 - Epic Games, one of the world's leading developers of cutting-edge computer and video game titles and the pioneer of the award-winning Unreal ® Engine, announced today that it intends to offer its Unreal Engine 3 technology and tools under Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s Tools and Middleware program for "PLAYSTATION ®3" as soon as the license program is started.


"We are committed to making Unreal Engine 3 the best game engine for the "PLAYSTATION ®3", said Tim Sweeney, CEO and co-Founder of Epic Games. "We plan to offer it to our licensees as soon as the program is underway and we are very excited about the level of performance and visual quality we will be able to deliver on this platform. In addition Unreal Engine 3 should be an excellent fit for the platform and our licensees will benefit immensely from the experience we have been able to gain thus far working with it."

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wait is there a power button on the back of the system?

I think it's set up like some PCs where there is a switch that turns the power supply off and you also have a power button on the front. There is a power button on the front of the PS3 too...

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Guys, you can clearly see holes in this image:




Look at the right side of the image at the bottom edge of the console. That is also the side that would be on top if standing upright. How could you guys miss those? I mean... there is a whole bunch of holes there spanning nearly the entire side :P

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We didn't miss those. Well not at first. But are those holes it? I mean the XBOX 360 has a relatively large exhaust in the back, holes on the top and on the sides, and has water-solution cooling for the CPU.


The PS3 seems to be lacking those external cooling features. Here is a better pic of the holes you are pointing us to.


If the console is standing up, then those holes on the other side would be blocked. Is that really enough to cool the system? There must be some other kind of cooling inside and that's what I want to know.

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