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  1. I was playing some GTA: San Andreas on the PS2 and HM: Magical Melody on the GameCube. On another note, I think that a movie version of this type of topic should be made. Sorry if this has been recommended before.
  2. I like seeing Bret Hart back with WWE even if he will never wrestle again. Although wrestling has gone down hill so much after Stone Cold and the Rock left. I think the Spirit Squad was the clincher though.
  3. I don't trust that article one bit. Wait till the system is actually released then make comments about it.
  4. I can't choose between them, they're both just to good.
  5. Finally, a video game movie not from Uwe Boll. http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/silenthill...ry_gx1hBgNfVXcA
  6. Who saw that Zachary thing? I was scared after I saw that.
  7. What would be considered the source for PSP emulation news and programs and other stuff. Kind of like what Xbox Scene is for Xbox. Any help is great.
  8. I read a few of my previous Gamepro issues and they can't stop going on about this game. They say it's like GTA just done so much better.
  9. What game did you buy instead? RE 4 is also one of top 5 of the year. I have yet to play the PS2 version seeing as how I bought the GC one when it came out but RE 4 is such a good game that it may deserve a double dip.
  10. The last movie was by far the best even with the editing. And POA was junk. I will probably download this movie sometime. This has to be the worst year for movies of recent years though.
  11. Well a couple of months ago I had posted a topic about my computer freezing and I tryed every solution that was posted in the topic except getting a new graphics card. So I thought I might as well do it now seeing as how I need a new one too.
  12. Where are the JAP RPG's. If Dragon Quest VIII was in there it probably would of ran away with it.
  13. Well, i'm tired with my computer freezing and not being able to play games so i've decided to get a new graphics card. I am not sure which one to get but I need one that would cost $150 canadian or less and that I could buy at store in Ontario seeing as how I don't really want to wait for it to be shipped from a site or something. Any help is appreciated.
  14. I'm playing Star Ocean: The Second Story, Kingdom Hearts, ESPN NFL 2K5, WWF No Mercy and THPS 2.
  15. I'm planning on a getting a mod chip for my Xbox but I don't know which one to get with all of them out there. It needs to be a chip that a person can install that has no soldering skills whatsoever. Also, if there are any sites better than Xbox Scene that would help me with getting stuff onto the hard drive and installing a new hard or whatever is welcome.
  16. I hope this movie is A LOT better than 5. I'm looking forward to this one especially since it will be an actual match in the ring this time.
  17. I am more of a fan boy for video games to succeed so I would like all 3 systems to do good. I guess we will just have to wait for the official pricing on the PS3. And if you are wondering why I think the price of the PS3 is what it is read this article: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20051105-5530.html
  18. I think it's already been proven that the whole DRM thing is fake and from the pricing scheme i've seen it will actually cost the same as the 360 or maybe even less.
  19. PS3 will dominate the 360 once it comes out. FF, DQ, MGS and DMC. So many exclusives and many more to come for one system. Still gonna get a 360 and Revolution though. Just not first.
  20. No backups because I was a tool for not knowing of any programs.
  21. I've tried almost everything but I still have hope.
  22. I refuse to believe that my bookmarks are gone. There has to be some way.
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