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NeW: Ultra Members Group!

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After careful analysis of the current member groups we have, there is now the Ultra Members group. This is a very special group and will take a lot of work to get, and of course, no spamming.



- 10,000 Posts (EDIT: Changed to 1,000 posts a few years later)

- No Spamming

- No more than 2 Warnings

- Must be in the progress of 6 Months to 1 Year or more


What do you get?

- Max upload of 300KB in Posts & PM's

- Get access to uploading attachments in PM's

- Can hold a 150 PM's

- Can remove the 'Edited by' legend.

- Can open/close own topics

- Can add events to the calendar


You also get special access to the Atomic Bomb [Max Strength = 1000] with the Forum Attack System!



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that's crazy!! i think only agozer have that much post and klaw is almost there but most of us aren't even in 5000 yet


How come klaw can use the atomic bomb and his post count isn't 10,00 yet is it cuz he's a smob ?

Edited by Ryuken
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Meh...I guess those perks are okay, but unless you practically live here and are shooting for being an ultra member, its business as usual. Very few members will reach it.......actually that might be the point!! :huh:.

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