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  1. I don't game with crazies.

  2. You might want to check out https://www.retrode.com/
  3. Did you email me a few days ago? I got a similar response from someone asking how to dump snes carts.
  4. Less File-sharing more Surveys... Today's internet sucks.
  5. You have to very business savvy to make big profits on eBay, you're better off making let's-plays on YouTube
  6. I don't think I'm brave enough for self-employment. Just some mixed experiences, hopefully one day things will get a little better.
  7. In 1998, my cousin and I would sell playstation memory cards filled with saves for a slightly higher price. I'm not entirely sure how we went about doing that, it was only for 2-3 months though. 2005, I ran a website and use to force my friends to buy mugs, hats, t-shirts related to the website, It was a good thing until I graduated from HighSchool. I also worked for Little Caesars, and was part of its grand opening team at New York City. 2008, I use to sell modded Xboxes. Around that time you could get them for 60$. I was also a contracted clerical worker / Auditor for Chase and Citi Bank up until early 2010 from where I decided it was time to go to college. 2010, I was a gamestop employee for 6 months. I had a hard time working with people there and unfortunately it wasn't everything I'd hope it be. I was also an auditor for Suny Downstate Medical center in Brooklyn, I left the job after they weren't paying me correctly for my hours, from there I did absolutely nothing but school. 2012*, I worked on campus as a programmer. I found the job to be too easy, so I ended up teaching it for a semester. The pay was pretty low, but somehow I didn't mind. Summer 2013*, I worked at a local KMart in New York City, my supervisor was treating me like crap and so I left after 4 weeks. Right now, I'm a contracted Web developer for an accounting firm in New York City, but I'm hoping to keep the job. Also, I have my associates degree, that's how I got the job. I recently started working on my bachelors degree in Computer Science, and that's where I stand. That's my hussle.
  8. If it's wireless, you need to buy a dongle. See here: http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Wireless-Gaming-Receiver-Windows/dp/B000HZFCT2 Honestly, like one person mentioned here, wired is better. it's cheaper and close to no latency. I have a wired controller, but it's pretty beat up. Right now, I use a DS4, and it seems to work fine, I have not encountered any issues.
  9. That's offbeat, I'll report the problem to Alpha and see if we can determine the issue. As alternative, you can download it directly from my mediafire page http://www.mediafire.com/download/tc7ycpyrdcl5638/xbe_loader-wip-29062012.zip. Please feel free to report back any further issues. Thanks Edit If you're getting a network failed error, your antivirus software is detecting the file as a virus, this is a false positive issue. What can you do to remedy the situation is add an exception to your virus definition. For future builds, I will either change or lift my security scheme so that it circumvents this problem.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate that. Maybe when I have the time, we can make this the official thread for the project. Until then, I think the main title and post of this thread will suffice.
  11. Sorry for the extremely late response, I have re-uploaded the alpha build (29062012). Sadly, there has not been much activity from this project since January 2013. In spite of that, the project is not discontinued. I do have plans on re-writing some areas of my existing implementation and perhaps add a few other things in preparation for publicly sharing my source for whom it may benefit. As it stands, I don't know when I will be getting back into this project, it may be as soon as this summer or as early as next year. For the mods, sorry for resurrecting this thread. xbe_loader-wip-29062012.zip
  12. Graphically, the game was a step down for me compared to Killzone 2. I will say the ending when the old guy screams *fuuuuuuuuu* had to have been the only hilarious bit and probably the only reason to run and gun through the game.
  13. Xbe loader is an application that hopes to provide accurate Information on how the XBOX executable structure functions. For more Information regarding this and other releases feel free to visit http://lordsnowdev.emunext.net
  14. Rented Safe House last night, was okay. The movie did not meet my expectations, but it was different.
  15. It's a tough choice, though it would really eat me up; Personally, I would take a bullet for my dog, far too many childhood memories. I've had my dog since the 6th grade (1998) and still kicking, though now showing signs that its almost time – still loyal as hell. In your case, you're probably doing the right thing but I think you should be more aggressive about it, if you're not satisfied with your current answer (which i'm assuming you're not since you're telling us about it). if I were in your situation, I would be more aggressive; Perhaps give your dog away to someone who wants a dog.
  16. If the drive is from another box, then no it won't matter. However, if 'pc-dvd->xbox' swap as iq_132 best illustrated, then yes a mod chip is required. Philips tend to be the norm, Samsung is quite the rarity these days. I will have to find one when I can, I want to do some experimenting with that.
  17. It's possible, but the box that needs the dvd drive will also need a mod chip. AFAIK, if it's the drive replacement is a standard pc dvd drive, it will only recognize burned games and not the original. Did some googling, you can find out more about it here: http://www.xboxscene.com/articles/dvddrive.php
  18. I wish I had friends that took interest in going to the Arcades Anyway, nice vid Bambi.
  19. I made some minor tweaks, where I had forgotten to properly angle the fonts evenly and decrease the visibility of the pattern stripes, I felt it stood out too much and really seemed overboard. In all I didn't want to go too crazy with this, there's still plenty improvements that could potentially make this a better logo, but i'm faced with limitations of how much i'm allowed to do... I can do that, but it may look a little weird. I will see what i can do. I still think FrankMorris has the better design, you should probably go with that. The speech box is very crafty, although I do think baby blue suits it so much more than army green.
  20. Beautiful, I look forward to seeing it complete. Please add more screens as you progress, it looks amazing (particularly the buttons and sticks), very exciting.
  21. High school for me was no doubt a chore, I had mixed experiences. The only surprising thing for me was before and during graduation, I had friends and teachers who were crying because I was leaving, was so sad... Of course, i was picked on sometimes but I was also a pain in the ass for those who I got picked on. I've started food fights, literally almost got myself arrested for something crazy but I was also bright and lazy in my classes. For the first 2yrs I didn't have many friends, it was only until my junior year when people decided to give me a chance.
  22. Wow you went all the way! I love it. I think the blue definitely separates it from anything. You win. Here's my xbox original attempt though.
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