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I don't think games should be turned into movies, unless the story is better than the game itself.


I don't mind the other way around, though. When a movie is made into a game, you're able to see everything from a different position. I think it's great to be able to actually take part in a movie.

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David hayter for MG!!


Games-Movies, since when the hell did someone actually make a game-movie worth wathing? Sf is so gay when made into a movie, and did anyone see the way cammy acted in the scene were she was "doing" her kicks, she was slow as hell and her mouth wasn't even moving when she was nameing her attacks!

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mk was a overrated movie, the music got people hyped enough to like the rest, I like Christopher Lambert but he wasnt in it enough, poor Robin Shou's american movies suck arse


the coreography was the worst than a Van Damn film




Scott Bana for SOLID SNAKE he's australian so he can do a good Liquid

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