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  1. Pimped and glossy , those screenies looks hot
  2. congrat for all those improvements, dealing with so many crabs during this harsh process! I'm not really sure with extra fast loading time, but it's better for sure, overal , the frame rate is now smoother than ever, no more stuttering or slowdown. -ps 02:00 AM - si c est pas la france qui code tot ca ?
  3. yeah If you're planning to keep the 'moves' option, i would like to see some improvement about it ex : the chosen linefeed lenght is a little bit too short imo (i tested the array size to 100 without any problems in kenshiro's sources). And i think the way it handles the moves menu is way too messy right now, it actually keeps me away from using it.
  4. I was thinking about cabinet usage that would be awesome to combine such a nice interface to play on a dedicated Arcade Xbox.
  5. I'm using a standard Imac usb keyboard with XBMC and Xports emus... Worth the try..
  6. thanks for the link, messed so far with those moves (3countb, aof2, kabukikl, samsho, samsho2, wh2(wip), wh2j(wip), Wakuwak7) I have to re-check those ones before uploading. Trying to get unreleased moves list. So i'll post them in a near future or with the next fba releases to debug.
  7. thanks fu' , i never used cheats before, time to try, i'am also looking to add Power instinct Legends moves.
  8. We made a contest over several super old Games, can't say if they are included in ignite package coz i merged my previous mame installation with your new build. Here are some names played i'm sure, they are not : Pirate pete Butasan legend kick off logic pro asylum ganbare ginkun - ginkun.zip PENGUIN BROTHER
  9. Tight game here, Buggy Boy AKA Speed Buggy (1985) lately fully emulated since 0.130 it's been long way to go but this is just awesome !!! Thank to Philip Bennet ! Tricky controls that need accurate driving to catch flags are making this game so addictive to me, definitively my fave 2d arcade racer before outrun. A technically incredible game for its time, although i don't think this is a ressource eater for us to play on xbox. CPU : 2 X 8086 5 Mhz 1 X Z80 SOUND : 2 X YM2149 1.8Lhz DRIVER's HISTORY : * 0.130u1: Buggy Boy/Speed Buggy (cockpit) [Phil Bennett] * 0.129u6: Mr. Do added built-in layouts for TX-1. * 0.129u4: Changed Custom sound to TX-1 Custom. * 0.127u7: Aaron Giles fixed TX-1 quits out on second launch. # 0.127u5: Phil Bennett and Guru fixed TX-1 - Game now playable. Removed flags dispose from region gfx1, changed region gfx3 to gfx2 and gfx4 to gfx3 and removed proms ($1800, 1801). Changed palettesize from 9472 to 256 colors. * 0.124u1: Hugh Allen replaced anonymous timer in TX1 driver with an allocated one to make state saving closer to reality. * 0.122u2: Philip Bennett reversed buggyboy/buggybjr 'Game Time' settings. * 0.122u1: Philip Bennett fixed Buggy Boy Junior - Game now playable. Changed description from 'Buggy Boy (Single Monitor)' to 'Buggy Boy Junior/Speed Buggy (Upright)'. Renamed (buggyb1) to (buggybjr). Fixed input and rom loading. Changed visible area to 256x240 and VSync to 54.100000 Hz. Replaced the 2x AY-3-8910A sound with 2x YM2149 and Custom. * 0.106u10: David Haywood added multiscreen support (3x 256x256) to clone Buggy Boy. * 0.104u7: Added prom ($1b00 - Road video timing?). These are the multiscreen version screenies , there is an upright Version with one monitor.
  10. Yes, there is!!! For Famicom (pretty hard to find the game cassete, it's rare) and for NES (US). But I don't remember the name! I don't like this game. Ha ha. C. Nintendo versions are named 'castelian', exist on GB too, Amiga and Atari ST versions are the Best ones along with the GBA version (featuring an intermission horizontal submarine shooter) I used to be completely addicted to this game on Atari, in fact it's just a serie of Mazes; sort of die and retry challenge there is a sequel on Amiga and atari, way too hard for me. For the GBA version, get NEBULUS GBA FREEWARE by FOXY the guy who made Another world and many more 16-32 bits era 'almost' perfect conversions.
  11. That's exciting news, thanks for the link and good job Kenshiro ! (it's maybe time to write new moves files)
  12. Neater and safer than ever, thank you as always BP, This polished piece of software looks gorgeous in a cab or Whatever but can't thank you enough guys betatesting and reporting all along. This is Freedom
  13. You can also use this 'wonderful' executable default.xbe, rename it "evoxdash.xbe" or whatever it must be called and place it where you've found your system is booting the dashboard. For this to work XBMC folder (keep it as it is) must be placed under E:/APPS/ Good luck !
  14. Sounds really good, cristal clear .. no objections here
  15. just wonderful to see some other frenchie emuscener interested in xbox emulation at these days. Congratulation, Kenshiro for getting rid of this CPS2 memory leak.
  16. Thanks for posting the source here Kenshiro. //what a mess o_O, i admire your courage. I wanted to know which development tool you are using to compil for the xbox ?
  17. I second this. And Woot, happy new year Xboxers, Man, Ima have a hang over in the morning! Can't wait to see what 2009 brings!
  18. Thanks for the info, the .01 beta is out by now.
  19. That would be the dream team, are those Xbox Heroes still in action ?
  20. Thanks soo much you mighty bearded One My pet gonna lov it
  21. Analog implementation in FBA-BlueBalls seems to be the crap. I guess that needs very good skills and tons of freetime that Kenshiro currently hasn't (don't slap me i'm just guessing). We can just hope there will be some progress in the future. Btw I'm very pleased the way this project is going here on 1emu. Yuke ! kenshiro ! edit : please let me taste some of your beta ^^
  22. I'll complete the E-F tonight, good job BP !
  23. I'll check the D - E - F games this week. Can't wait for Double Dragon speedfix + autofire Request : - add Artwork support for vector games - make the vectors thicker at screen (glossy or more visible)
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