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  1. Very nice choice and a good reason to replay that title. Thanks for the details Gilou9999. Can't wait.
  2. Thanks gilou99 This a good start for 2010 ! I would enjoy your hack as i always thought those music pisses me off too. As darknior said : megaupload/mediafire link + gmail autoreply adress with the link and you are ready to go. Are you talking about "Dragon Ball Z : Sagas" from 'atari' ?, that game was terrible
  3. Oh yeah, i'm already hooked on the TGM port. Great work bringing us all that great stuff, thanks to all involved.
  4. Dual boot ? Is it possible with flashed tsop ? i keep a proper safe boot disk with FTP enabled. Better to know exactly which boot order your bios is using.
  5. Maybe the "SHORTCUT by TEAM XBMC.xbe" along with the ini could make it for you. XBMC TOOLS
  6. I've left the triggers disconnected for the moment (my cab is not analog) maybe we can use them with a sliders/pot but i have no idea. Anyone ? For the components, i've found Jammaboard.com (was expecting more expensive prices, but it's really accessible to "everyone" )
  7. All wires on the pic are recycled IDE ribbon. Hacking the duke FULL SIZE PICTURE Edit : Resistor fix also for S-Pad when taking signal from pointed area, use 6x 4.7K resistor for A - B - X - Y - WHITE - BLACK and 4x 33 Ohm for U - D - L - R direction button, Leaving BACK and START as it is (direct GND contact) I glued those resistor within the DB-15/25 socket.
  8. Wonderful, you managed to include the sound; the vm settings to get namco classics volume 2 passing the second boot is yet to be found, For the moment the best i can get is getting to secondary cpb memory self test but it still hang after that. I'll have a little time later to continue testing. already tried those value without success
  9. I've got a request for BP to include in a future dev, both excellent games "Namco Classics Collection Vol.1 " and Vol 2 i am loving the remix included, would be top notch in vertical. they are actually running flawlessly but silently, sound was worked on later :
  10. the cabinet i am working on is a piece of junk i got from trash with broken monitor i 'll be using a 30bucks 51 CRT television that fit well in horizontal. I'd like to have the remote to control the volume and i'll get rid of all constraint crt arcade. For my other cabinet with an hantarex monitor, i'm using the lm1881 based circuit powered by the 5v of the stereo pc speakers i collected as sound amplificator. i'll try to take a picture, i did it messy but it's working . If you don't have any soldering skill, i advice you the ultimarc, just put the jamma connector and you are ready to go.
  11. egual Take your time, been waiting for years. Let the hype grows.
  12. thanks, i've got it working with the "CoinOPS IGNITE R3 Standalone". Works well so far, just have to tweak the info displayed vertically. Edit: as i don't need the others in my cab, i was searching the easy way to sort my vertical roms files apart, this shiny script does wonderfully the job (it actually moves the files, just search/replace by copy ) Vertical & Horizontal batch file
  13. Just had a little spare time this weekend to pimp my babycab soft side. I got stuck when running the build : Resource.xpr - file is missing or damaged, The error screen tells me to copy this, along with the font files to Media, i also give a try with a Resource.xpr file existing in a previous mameox (6 412 288 octets) it gives me the same error message . I looked into previous releases of mameox, but this file was missing from those. If you know what to do with that i'll be superpleased to read. ps : for info, the build archive contains MAMEoX & default files.
  14. Was thinking PM but could be useful here to .. Antiriad , I've been a fervent user of your your past contributions, thanks for all. Even if your post has remained in the shadows. I was actually considering using your logo as marquee for my final burn cab, i think those fonts are great. I would be greateful if you could repost it eventually ? Thanks for your attention.
  15. +1 my fave SAMURAI SPIRIT 2 has the best soundtrack i've heard for this support, shame it wasn't even well emulated with neocd unleashed. (is any source available ?)
  16. You are so right, please excuse me i didn't expect my question was worth a new topic, from now, let's continue talking about vertical setup in bulge2's thread Vertical cab Build Prinler, maybe this could help Wide Icon Project @ XBOX Scene Cospefogo's skins/icons project (cool stuff)
  17. Thanks fumanchu, i want it simple, since it is only 1P cab, mamedox will do the job before we can enjoy a pimped vertical CoinOps.
  18. Thanks BP ! a fast answer that goes straight to my heart Hope we will get more info around this forum.
  19. Hello, here are just quick answers 1. easy, just stand over the emulator folder, bring the contextual menu (white button) then make default, you must also set the option start in program 'window' (ui preference) 2. why don't you catch wide icons ? My turn : I'm modding old cab i want to be vertical only but i need a vertical gui (mame wise), idea anyone ?
  20. First Console = Sega Master System First Computer = Atari ST sold later for an Amiga First Handheld console = Lynx Best Console Memories = Playstation (damn me, everybody around me even those who were not into gaming had bought one) Best Computer Memories = Amiga Best Handheld Memories = GBA
  21. Moooooo! for all that job done so far, along with iq_132 you leave us a timeless code, I enjoyed reading all your progress with humor and yet animated by a courage which is not so human! as you have often told you first code for fun, not for personal glory now the rest of the job is a pure nightmare, i'm glad nes is taking the biggest piece of your work further. Have fun and success with your personal life!
  22. Can anyone tell how to activate the 'tilting axis' in powerdrift & galaxy force 2 ? (as the player steers left and right, the screen display mirrors the controller's movements and tilts on its axis, in a similar fashion to "After Burner"). edit: yeah thanks Fu' that was indeed the case, that's rollin' since the new core was added.
  23. So nice to receive gifts like that, perfect work around, SEGA delight tonight !
  24. Cool ! Thx for the upload Fu' !
  25. Just tried the new build, liking the handyness of in-game autofire options.. I have a question for the 'kung fu master' game, it actually plays jerky, i can assume it's a 50fps game, is there a way to force it this way ?
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