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  1. Thank you so much stf, i was waiting for this kind of thing for ages, Praise the skills of Noobsaibot21, he knows his stuff, i was so bad at the later missions.
  2. Thanks fu ! so cool to see an update. I thought 5.0a was the last we'd ever have. Original port was from A600, wonder who did compile this. edit : Cool, no need to compile, default.xbe is the same, only data change
  3. Thanks advertising - 128MB support, Nice! Glad to see xbmc4xbox still improving...i really need to update
  4. Nice catch Fu, thanks to 'the Lost Games Recovery Program', it's faithful to the original and different from the Megadrive, wonder if it works on yabausex
  5. Thanks for the support mate, kudos to all people involved. Sweet golden torrent .
  6. Thanks for the release Destronger and iq 132, spotted a problem with Altered Beast : exiting to main menu as soon first screen appears edit : my bad, faulty setup but great release, enjoying DF a lot in coop
  7. Congrats ! Still nice to see selfless act to sponsor talented people
  8. That reminds me the french website 'gueux' - 'gx-mod.com' it was the French xbox reference. After a slump on xbox related news in 2007, all efforts were concentrated on the new 360 and ps3. Madmab and other port were overlooked and not published, despite requests - there have been arguments with some moderator of the Sony Side who acted as cops validators. When a smart moderator deigned to take things in hand it was too late. Lot of goodwill was vanished. interest remains with only a handful of people. Rest is history.
  9. Can't wait too, Thanks pushing it into old xbox (bow to the king)
  10. Glad to see some work around here, there's hope to focus on goodness again without fistfights agree with previous suggestion, with maybe xbox arcade & skins/Icons/Art section
  11. Last SDK out there : XBOX.XDK.5933.UNOFFICIAL-WAM . . : : ____|_ __ ______________________|_____ _ ___ _____\ / / /\___ / \ / /_____ _ _ _____/ // __ \ \___ _____ _ ______\___________________________/____\____\______ \ | | / ) : | ( _/ ' ' \_ __ __\ /__ __ _\/__ XBOX.XDK.5933.UNOFFICIAL-WAM _\/_ \/\ /______________ ___ _ _ ___ ________________\ /\/ \/ \/ Company........:Microsoft File Count.:40X15MB Released..:March,22 2005 Media Type.....:N/A Origin..............:N/A Media Type.....:N/A Language.:En/De/Fr/It/Sp Genre.......:Development _________ __ _________ / / __ ___\/_ ________________\________\/________/________________ _\/___ \ /\/ R E L E A S E I N F O \/\ / \/____________________________________________________________\/ / /\________\ /_________/ WAM is proud to present XBOX XDK 5933. Digital signatures removed to protect the guilty. This release is for all the great xbox homebrew developers out there. WAM loves you all !! Notes: ~~~~~~ So Whats this? a new xdk? but microsoft said 5849 was the last one.. Well they straight out lied. This xdk was produced for Microsoft's in house developers (Think Halo 2). What they tweaked is unknown but rest assured it must be good. -We've included the remote recovery exe for those who have an official debug kit. WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING If you have a retail modded xbox do not use the remote recovery executable. it can and will flash your bios, overwrite your harddrive, and blank your eeprom. Unless of course you know what your doing. do not blame us if you hose your xbox! WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING Greets to the individuals who made this release possible. _________ __ _________ / / __ ___\/_ ________________\________\/________/________________ _\/___ \ /\/ G R O U P I N F O \/\ / \/____________________________________________________________\/ / /\________\ /_________/ Dont find us, we'll find you. _________ __ _________ / / __ ___\/_ ________________\________\/________/________________ _\/___ \ /\/ G R E E T Z \/\ / \/____________________________________________________________\/ / /\________\ /_________/ BAM - WpR - WjR Previous one : XBOX.XDK.5849.16-WAM Best is to setup a virtualbox xp image with Visual Studio 2003. Good time to dig an old Kenshiro's post, back from 2008 for people who were interested to compile 'FBA-XXX Pro' at that time and how to set stuff needed. Here's a small description : And i wish you great courage and perseverance if you are willing to do this.
  12. Sorry double post please delete this.
  13. Thanks advising, hope that fix dr mario 64 edit : ok found
  14. Sweet release + analog controls = good times ahead Many thanks & happy halloween
  15. Awesome port, thanks. Next to it , amiga version seems to be in slow motion let's vice it
  16. A savestate fix for neogeo would be greatly appreciated. Great to see you back on duty Kenshiro.
  17. About the 'Angel Kids' game, controls are messed up, i remember it being a dual lever game. BTW, to build a .net config producer tool, i'd need separate set, wich tool can use to split or sort the 'ClrMAMEPro.xml' file between CPS1-2 / NEOGEO / OTHERS ?
  18. Of course there's no power from external pad, it's just the tension going trough resistor when you close circuit this way, You can check yourself the resistance between the indicated solder point and ground on the gamepad board... If you are still undecided, just don't do it.
  19. It's on Spinal's scheme from my above post, when taking signal from pointed area, use 6x 4.7K resistor for A - B - X - Y - WHITE - BLACK and 4x 33 Ohm for U - D - L - R direction button, Leaving BACK and START as it is (direct GND contact) I glued those resistor within the DB-15/25 socket.
  20. I was thinking about a computer FBA dat application based to produce ini on the fly, but as stated, Each configuration contains a different number of buttons supported by the specific game...puzzle
  21. Hi Phil, eager to see your mod, for the resistor, even if it works without it, since i've had severa MIA hacked controller i prefer to keep them safe, it 's cheap enough and not restrictive to add, now i was'nt that clear. You can verify this measure with a ohmeter between the ground and the point, the exact resistance is no more when your circuit make contact (button pressed) you will have full tension value that's why i put a resistor to compensate
  22. I'm not sure what this means. I also have the old fat "Duke" controllers. Do I have to do something more than solder to the points you show? just advise to put those 4.7k and 33 Ohm Resistors in serie between your button mechanism and the ground feedback, this way you will keep the voltage correct, the way it was on the 'duke' when button pushed. seems to be the same, i did not use TP20 (left analog stick click)
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