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  1. Good job Ace, I like your rev better with Coin in red, it's going to be Awesome, neat way to present the different buttons config. I am surprised that your joystick are very low, where did you find them ? Apparently there is a lot of work to be done, good luck.
  2. Nice list to begin with, thanks Fu. Sold outside Japan this incredible machine would've been the Amiga killer.
  3. Don't know what NG is, but it's up on usenet and torrent. If you check binsearch for CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND you'll find it I suppose he means NewsGroups, anyway thanks uploading this massive pack Grr
  4. This is great ! Where do you find all these mods, even years later ? you're a true archivist. I want to taste it as well please.
  5. no problem, as a common ground scheme, it is just an extra wire.
  6. thanks for the links yup, DB15 is all you need, I adapt the standard neo geo pad wiring + extra buttons, perfect combination for me.
  7. Even if I do not live in UK but belgium, you can count on me for free exactly what I do best, I will be available after June 15.=; just send me the pcb of the pad. PM.
  8. this kind of hidden teaser gives me a lot more hope than any announcement for a 360 FBA emu.
  9. Climax effect at its highest, we want to know.
  10. Garcimak


    Auditing titles that could fit in coinops Starting with pc-engine http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AYQjtjVB...nNXNx&hl=en please feel free to add/edit. NES & SMS to come.
  11. Garcimak


    Apart the game list there is not much i can done, let me know the format, sorted or not if you can provide me for instance the collection file already collected, I keep my essentials for some Sytems, maybe there are some good name i can add. Skins wise, i like the old 'orange - blue - white fonts' skin from mamedox. Just an idea, is that we could use one or more skins fit in the chosen system, somewhat in the way of fba-xxx... If they are any designer interested, I found this http://kuler.adobe.com/#themes/rating?time=30 a good way to find the right combination of colors and mix its nuances.
  12. so far so good with the little I have tested today, in 270 or 90°, games plays well, fit the screen, even the horizontal classics looks good in vertical. edit : kung fu master runs also smoother with correct speed. Just a thought, while game videos couldn't be rotated, when i wanted to check the screensaver mode display, it doesn't propose "Screenshot", only Game Videos or shutdown.
  13. You need “FontMaker" and “Bundler” from the Xbox Developers Kit. There are a few steps, i found some explanations here : How to Generate XPR Font Files
  14. +1 RedCapsMan, the same here, poppin' in today, seeing that a lot has been done, Awesome news also that your work with Cos, lead to such a résult. Good job guys ! Good and that definitively makes my day ! you incorporated the GUI rotate option that you did not care (in all the years that I asked for stuff, all my wishes have been fulfilled).
  15. Having a JTag eligible xbox is fairly restrictive. You first must have a <= 7371 (mine is 7371 phew!!!) KERNEL (before june 2009 models, not live updated after august 11 ) secondly after checking your nand dump, you'll know if your CB will be compatible. Compatible : Xénon : 1888, 1902, 1903, 1920,1921 Zephyr : 4558 Falcon/Opus : 5761, 5766, 5770 Jasper : 6712, 6723 Non compatible : Xenon : 1922, 1923, 1940 Zephyr : 4571, 4572, 4578, 4579 Falcon/Opus : 5771 Jasper : 6750
  16. Bump ! When i asked theoldone for his square icons, He kindly offered to share them here. 33 icons +/- 500X500 http://rapidshare.com/files/363846110/HQ_C..._ICONS.rar.html http://www.badongo.com/file/21267785 http://www.zshare.net/download/7375267627a90617/ Watch theoldone's video in the first post to see how come this. If you need any specific icons, let him know, maybe he can cough up something...
  17. PM sent. About the faster speed issue, it is possible that you're right, don't have the original board of pacman to compare, I own galaga but in this case the speed is identical. So far have I dropped the case but I can compare to another game which I own the board as a "kung fu master / spartan-x" even if the FPS counter is telling me 55FPS in CoinOPS. The Game is faster than the original, it's like time (stretching) tearing , you can check that by looking to the scrolling that it's not smooth at all. Here and there are some games with flaws with Accuracy but it's very minor, I still enjoy to have such a pimped mame on xbox.
  18. Goodness from the brotherhood of mighty heroes.
  19. oh boy ! what a neat xbmc tweak you have, nice work, i would like to pimp down mine to only have 'square' icons showing like yours. My cab is far from complete and PMIII doesn't fit well... too little time, i guess i'll finish it during holidays.
  20. @theoldone Priceless info !! thanks sharing here ! ps : gonna think to this beerholder too....
  21. Yup my bad, well seen you will correct this, here is my full batch, 125 names, any suggestion are good. PM me if you want me to send you some files or which files name do you want to stick with ? If you mind adding 32X support, the concerned titles are in the end. Cheers.
  22. Are you up for a 'massive arcade essentials' or a restricted list for each new system ? I can name 122 megadrive rom i would like to use in a cab. Here is the first batch, let me know. Edit : tell me also if need exact spacing between the '(' and the year, oversight in my excell sheet but the document is safe.
  23. Appreciating your project, it would be good to see some good romhacks included, i was thinking to "Sonic+" (sonic1 with the spindash code) or "Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Extended Editon". I'll gather some of the best genesis titles for your list tonight
  24. Happy to see a new version with Forgotten world corrected, that was a long time request from the FBA past, and the final fight goodies, excellent ! thanks Nes. I hope that such an option exists in the future for the controls too.
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