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  1. Hi sharpfork, so i tried to scratch the surface to find the copper, but I preferred to follow a better method following the tracks to spot points tinned for better soldering, you can keep a functional gamepad (mine was guinea pig) and dispose a DB-15 socket or whatever outgoing the memory slot like this http://www.xerxes3rd.net/staticpages/index...ontrollerOnXbox Here is another scheme for s-Pad (by spinal) i used to adjust value between button and ground, if you do this way you can avoid some burned controller due to previous test without those resistor (or messy ground feedback in a cab) there are two versions of the PCB S-pad, they are well differentiated in the tutorial but the pattern remains the same. In the diagram of the pad of the Xbox there are these resistors. So if you want the current drawn by the pad are exactly the same as your original controller, it must be put. One last thing: Do not forget if your controller is wired to common ground (like my cab) to reverse resistor and switch, in the scheme, move all resistor before the switches Thanks man, sorry I missed this one, took me years
  2. I was building console2jamma cabinet since mid 90's, beginning from pc-engine followed by saturn, Pc based emulation growing i considered an arcade-OS installation for a while but never satisfied with the feeling / ergonomic / boot time and overall plus not interested in later 3d games and upgrading hardware having scan rate issue to mess with. Since Xbox was the cheapest solution to restore a cab and keep a CRT look, i found easier to replace the inside with a RGB TV keeping his 'front panel' shortened on the side by dremel and black painted (side speakers remounted behind the marquee ) then you don't have to worry about handling the whole tube, it's still partially attached to the front plastic shell which itself leaning mostly on support. Fastest way to get the things up IMO, bonus, you can use remote to control volume and keep media input This is a Qix empty cabinet that was given, just had to replace some parts and drill extra holes.
  3. Sure man, wondering how much other worthy release out there ? we ve alread got 'Soul Calibur 2 Reloaded' Features: Extra costumes for EVERY character Mortal Kombat announcer Heihachi's moves from the PS2 version have been mapped to Necrid (This actually works REALLY well. The glow from Hei's gauntlets has been transfered over, the moves really fit Necrid as well. Also, it looks badass having him clench his lead hand (giant claw) over and over again like Heihachi does. Really smart idea doing that.) New lifebars and win markers Updated stages: New colors, artwork. ETC... New title screen... and more! Known bugs: Game freezes if you completely cycle through Berserker's costumes Team battle/extra team battle are known to freeze Survival mode anouncer starts glitching out after around round 15 or so. Example: instead of "Round 18, fight!" it's like "Round *DISTORTION* fight!" Slight *pop* sound when first character starts his/her opening match routine and Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate [herbsta edition] 'a must seed' This is an XISO image of a special version of Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate for xbox 1... several years ago i was a member of a hacking website and we developed many skins and hacks for this game... About this mod: this mod has added several modded skins for each female character in doa2u. there are a few topless/nude skins available from the start but to get the naked skins for each doa girl you must have a save file with all costumes unlocked from normal version of game or just unlock them yourself.. a lot of hard work went into making the stuff necessary for this mod... please enjoy and HELP ME SEED because im on crappy dsl here and can only upload at a pitiful rate... i will do my best but i will need help from my pirate brethren. Wish crazypsymon could finish his bloody roar extreme mod and still looking around for some new backgrounds.
  4. ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/magazines/C+VG/ Cheers mate
  5. CVG !! lot of memories, thanks, my 1st flashy and 'tough' reading in english... Cool thing it was sold outside uk, gonna love this one. edit : just saw the 1st issue is from novembre 1981... full scan here No.1 issue
  6. Hello again, i may be wrong, but can't get the main menu option for bgm sound volume 0-100% to be effective or save the new value, as from the first FBL. And a small request for UI, the possibility to enable more option by default for emulation like 'Frame Skipping' or 68K overclock value.
  7. Good idea, is there a public list already ? Previously, Ressurectionx setted up 1.3 spread sheet. worth trying setting up another one with the filter or dropping here some names By the way wich is the best tool to build a file/title list without NeoGeo, CPS, Cave, Psykio, PGM ?
  8. noticed some issue with games Global Defense (aka SDI or Strategic Defense ) - normally left controller for satellite, right for sight, but control moves both powerinstinct legends - control drifting problem Samurai Spririt 5 special ( returns to rom selction after a short loading without any message) It would be cool if fbl allowed multiple mapping for a function on controller, you could clone a function to have autofire and keep it normal for charge on the other....
  9. Большое спасибо fumanchu Thanks !!
  10. you mean, 1400patcher from pkbunghole ? i'll try that Tested on a 128mo with stock cpu today, (again CRT with analog input) can't get the vc3_t.xbe to show something.. vc3.xbe still ssslllooowwww
  11. Stress my a**, when i was stuck on slow motion yesterday, fine hello world finally Resuts black screen, you can hear 1sec of drive read, then nothing. I m maybe wrong somewhere, test menu won't show up. Nope throwed as it is.
  12. Update, noticed the same behaviour when testing on component, the game is starting at full speed only with a mem card mounted, in my way to test if the game is ckecking the presence of a memory card inserted,... Quick edit : it's driving me crazy, after removing mem card, it's now launching good i can't understand (still on 128MB 1.4G ) i ll check again on a crt in a couple of days, and post a (bad) gameplay video current gameplay with joypad sight You can see this is awful to play without light gun... Too bad 1st batch had overheating problem (like 360's) but he can fix that, i know of some member that returns him the board later installation was more durable, stays under and around 50°c when used, Shipping was the most expensive of all at but overall incredible change due to china, worth the 'risk' afterall.
  13. Ok guys some news about this tested with 128mb Trusty board Bios X2 5035 (game stored in E:/GAMES/VCOP3) CRT TV /RGB scart cable : --> hangs on black screen (reboots when EJECT) CRT TV /COMPOSITE Cinch cable : --> 'STARTING UP VIRTUA COP 3' on screen, brings the DISCLAIMER screen, you can go further but it is slow as hell... Same behaviour described, you can hear normal music though. Compare to 'normal start' on component input, timing are slow from launch. That makes me think video output could be the issue not the ghz upgrade.. I have to retry and film on a lcd projector tonight it's the only way i can manage 480P - COMPONENT INPUT - (but no more gun option possible :/ ) Maybe xbe can be patched to output analog V-signal.
  14. The speed was normal during 1st level (on a trusty 1.4G /128MB ) i'll try ta make a video for all to see ASAP. sorry further testing later as am away from home without a gun to play cross hair by analog make it hard to enjoy... @carlo3do With your Trusty board i suspect overheating issue, did you motherboad fried by cpu ? was it from the 1st batch ?
  15. Most wanted, wonder if 'Freeze on XBE loading screen' issue is due to Xbe or high mem alloc error. Link posted by FrankMorris over emuXtra Document describing steps to achieve this.
  16. I did write a driver for that a while back. I'll have to dig it out (I'll trade you for the PCB ). You rock man, would be honoured to throw you that one, very touchy board voltage wise ... still in order. I'm very eager to play the result , until now xbox couldn't hold a candle to the original
  17. Thank you taking this one higher already. Kudos to all improvers and martial masters, now ... just WOW ! Nice to see re-added speed for double dragon, wish Tecmos Xainsleena also be added so i can throw the PCB away
  18. I was curious about this too. I never played the original machines, so I don't know how exactly the controller sensitivity should look like... Maybe this setting already could be performed by the analog sensitivity option? Or dead zone option... Something like that... The one we see in the ingame menu. Regards! <C> Thanks , tried this, it seems the dead zone is another parameter linked to the pad itself, not the game playability. Space harrier arcade was also the best on hydraulics imo, you could move you character and making him stay anywhere as long you can keep the right 'angle' with the analog lever, the same for Hang on, where you had to keep down the bike as much you need to keep the curve.
  19. One quick question for anyone who might know - are there any analog settings for Sega games, as analogue steering on Turbo Outrun, Power Drift Hang on, space harrier etc etc. Gameplay is a bit harsh without it. Looking forward to great addition, cheers all.
  20. Playing through new addition is eye tearing, such a great job and improvements porting to old xbox, praise iq_132 ! Request/thoughts about romlist : as no left/right trigger available from panel, smooth auto scroll when holding d-pad up or down ala xbmc (with a slight noise - to give the menu some consistency), Left / right could be better used for section (numbers-letters) jump. Actually, try to go to the top with fast jump (left) and you'll be stuck in the beginning of the first screen's list. Also, going one step down at very end of list should warp you to the first entry. Controller setup : That would be neat to have some 'profile' that could be mapped globally to game filters, like a special mapping for neogeo, another for cpsx ...for instance, do we have to set each game settings one by one or using external script to generate the per game ini's ? Aside, good work on pixel perfect guys, following your finding closely.
  21. Much needed update thanks sharing this already here. Genius work inside...
  22. good job on this dude, tiny cab fitting well, i remember your marquee from previous topic here
  23. Trusty is selling spare parts like charger for cheap, i agree for any donation to coders. Especially in this case.
  24. Nice drawing attention on that above, hadn't consulted smspower.org for ages, it was worthy. f1 spirit caught my eye too + Lambourghini + kings return aka FBA, made my day
  25. Great to see update like this still coming for xbox, thanks Expecting tilting screen / visual / gameplay wise, eager to know
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