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  1. For the games i tested so far after "T" that are not so ok : SS5 : Weirds sounds Trash rally : garbled graphics Top Hunter : garbled graphics Ultimate 11 : garbled graphics V-liner : not keymapped (normal for mah jong i suppose, never tried before) World heroes : garbled graphics World heroes 2 Perfect : garbled graphics
  2. You're right man, there was a 3 monitors version, nice sitdown cabinet, a truly forgotten gem pretty impressive back in 1986 ! Not yet emulated. Amiga/Atari ST - Amstrad cpc versions were decents ports including all the original circuits and secrets well reproduced but they really lack of driving physics, in the arcade, you have to be careful when steering while braking and all the tricky stuff to finish the races, all that feeling was removed, you had to compete with rivals buggys too. All that makes the original arcade essential for me. Anyway, i'll try the C64 port, the spectrum version looks good too.
  3. No complains here, you just filled my hopes with the autofire, Just an "is it possible?question" I discovered lately that my favourite arcade racing game AKA Buggy boy (Upright) was perfectly emulated (thank to Philip Bennett), dunno if the driver can be ported over the old mame core. But it sounds like the holy grail for me.. nothing to do with the lame computers conversions. cpu : 2 X 8086 5 Mhz 1 X Z80 sound : 2 X YM2149 1.8Lhz * 0.124u1: Hugh Allen replaced anonymous timer in TX1 driver with an allocated one to make state saving closer to reality. * 0.122u2: Philip Bennett reversed buggyboy/buggybjr 'Game Time' settings. * 0.122u1: Philip Bennett fixed Buggy Boy Junior - Game now playable. Changed description from 'Buggy Boy (Single Monitor)' to 'Buggy Boy Junior/Speed Buggy (Upright)'. Renamed (buggyb1) to (buggybjr). Fixed input and rom loading. Changed visible area to 256x240 and VSync to 54.100000 Hz. Replaced the 2x AY-3-8910A sound with 2x YM2149 and Custom. * 0.106u10: David Haywood added multiscreen support (3x 256x256) to clone Buggy Boy. * 0.104u7: Added prom ($1b00 - Road video timing?).
  4. Yeah for sure i'm on it ... can i taste some of your special meal too ? Looks delicious !
  5. Reminds me the good ol' days of the ninja hackers team and their forbidden decrypt tools (asf explorer)
  6. Thank you all for sharing the enthousiasm i still hope a talent will reconduce the project to make analog control possible. Yeah and farewell to kenshiro, your new colleguas are lucky to catch such a nice guy.
  7. Oh yeah and about the moves, just let me known about the support you wish to be added and i'll try to work on it first before the release.
  8. What about the performance ? would it worth a try ? I Reeeeaally don't like the frameskipping with shooters..
  9. Sorry, i cant let you know only 480p here. But i like it, You did a really good job with those skins, the way hardware and manufacturers are presented make me think about a way to let you sort ROMS by main manufacturers, (SEGA - CAPCOM - CAVE - SNK - ... - OTHERS ) with the corresponding skins, that could be nice however some amount of work would be required to go. But the actual romlisting needs to be updated, too much romset into the "others" folder.
  10. Mednafen PCE, i was revisiting some classics Shooters + i tried Splatterhouse on emulation for the 1st time (pure sickness...) i have so many HU-card and so few finished games, time to take my revenge with some savetates weapons !
  11. Thank you kenshiro i wish somebody will provide you some assistance with that tricky FD1094 encryption. I suppose you are in the right place. Courage !!
  12. That's a point, good to know.. have the same speed problem with xain sleena (aka soldier of light) from tecmo, i suppose the hardware was quite the same.
  13. So, to keep submitting .. i can't remember if the request was already asked about this ARCADES2.0 release. I usually do a massive use of autofire when playing shooters or beat'em all. Could we expect such a cool feature here ? Yep it's like cheating ! but i'm too lazy and slow button pusher.
  14. Oh yes it will, currently beta testing a core update. More news soon.
  15. How difficult (or impossible) would it be to keep an Exhaustive Gamelist . , b.W this kind of game you mention, i think nobody care, but you can sometimes miss a gem like ones i provided in this post. So, i would prefer vote A. Anyway, im sure to enjoy and share your hardwork .
  16. Too much to list but most my faves are vintage 1941 Ikari Warrior Guerrilla war Shaolin's Road Operation Wolf Robocop Rastan Saga Kung Fu master Xain Sleena Decathlon Mexico 86 Danguard Mikie Samurai spirit 2 I like to put my Arcade monitor for some golden age vertical action An oldskool gamer
  17. You probably means "Xbox-saves.com", it's no longer online for a long time by now.. By the way, i didn't know that gamefaqs.com was hosting some Xbox gamesaves, nice to see. I have now to mess around with some trainers since XBMC use the evo-x trainers feature, that could help.
  18. I've got some essentials games to recommend for your next release, some are really out of the usual mainstreams roms but i think they really worth a try. I'm pretty sure those are from <.84 romset, here they are : LEGEND PIRATE PETE GALS PANIC ESCAPE KIDS DARK seal 2 Butasan PENGUIN BROTHER SEN KNOW gun Shooter : SPACE GUN ZOMBIE RAID Breakout : Vs Block Breaker (vblokbrk.zip) kick off Vectors : star castle Puzzle : PUZZLE LOOP Logic PRO 1 & 2 shoot them up : zunzunkyou no yabou ASYLUM Akkanbeder multi : ganbare ginkun I've also found some titles thas was included in the first platinum and no longer in ARCADES Romset (sorry, if i'm maybe wrong) bombrman bubsymph karnovr mk ms5plus opwolf opwolf3 othunder pnyaa ptblank rushatck s1945ii samsh5sp samsho5 sgunner stunrun term2 tshoot vsgradus Thanks BS for your hard work, you're the (mame)man.
  19. Perhaps you could use a PS for xbox adaptors, i 've got mine (arcade controllers) wired directly on the old psone controllers (without triggers and thumbsticks), very cheap indeed but efficient. Just be carefull to choose a psone compatible converter.
  20. Nice to you Cospefogo, Wicked xport !! just waiting for Xmas vacations to include it into my installer. Big cheers
  21. Is there any possibilities to see the SEGA SYSTEM 24 driver to be integrate ? Yes, i whish to be able to play hot rod and crack down Boogie wings (introduced into MAME version 0.119) would be also a very cool shooter to include. Anyway Thank you sooooo much for this huge update ! EDIT : as Cospefogo stated, a rapid fire option would be awesome.
  22. Just get the "ENIGMAH VIDEO MODE SELECTOR" here for example, run da app and switch the Xbox From Pal to NTSC . Reboot and that will do the job.
  23. Always a pleasure to read news like this talkin' about contribution and friendship, i wish you the best with your future projects/development.
  24. Sega System 24 hardware full support on mamedox, is it feasible ? Yes, i whish to be able to play hot rod and gain ground. Boogie wings would be a very cool shooter to include.
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