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  1. Is there any sort of swap trick or boot disc\ cartridge i can snag for the sega saturn to let me play backup cds? im not too keen on the current emulators for it now.
  2. well i went to rigg and that solved it, it turns out i forgot to rename the wav files so that deamon tools could read the cue file, thereby making me look like quite the moron. thanks for your help
  3. i know about the whole analog audio thing, my problem was actually making a image TO mount in the virtual drive, but thanks for the tip, ill look into the bin \ cue thing
  4. yea my problem is, how would i make an iso of either my errored cd, or the multiple files?
  5. I have been having problems with the music for dracula X using magic engine and windows xp, so i download deamon tools and try to make an iso of my drac X cd (that i burned using fireburn or whatever,) using alchohol 120%, but it read errors on the cd, and the files i downloaded to make the thing are isos and a cue file (plus the mp3's) PS yes i know about the converting to wav thing, i did it for the cd back home, but the machine i have now cant do conversions very well.
  6. well i tryed the other drivers, and adripsx still wont work, so i got epsxe for this pc and now it works fine, problem solved. Moral of the story, epsxe is just plain better i guess
  7. Yea i know epsxe is way better, im just roughin it on someone else's pc, ill give peop's a try and see what happens
  8. lets see, im currently using pete's d3d driver 1.58 for gpu. for spu im using pete's dsound driver, for cdr im using sapu's cd rom plugin and tsg direct input for my pad
  9. I recently downloaded metal slug X and parodius forever, and when i try to run them using adripsx ILE 1.05, the game starts but does not make it past the 1st loading screen. Both the files are bin files, does anyone know what i should do to fix this?
  10. I understamd that snk made a 64 bit arcade version of the game, but what boards does it use or is it even emulatable???
  11. are there any good character select screens? like mabye ones over 60 slots?
  12. Its all about Faust, no one takes him seriously where i live, so i pick him, and door-port around the screen until they are aggravated enough that their abilities suffer
  13. Rugal - The power crazed teuton who has more ways to ressurect himself than hairs on his head Shingo - he's like dan, if dan was a japanese schoolgirl groupie
  14. Metal Slug 5 its not out, and already i crave more Tarma action
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