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  1. as above.. eg. i am playing kof2001 and i want to off the game music so i can listen to my other mp3. but i want the fighting sound to be able to hear. any help?
  2. i wonder does anyone have this problem, i find using keyboard to control kof2003 in winkawaks dev. doing a semi-circle is hell compare to nebula... talking about nebula.. i wonder does kof2003 support it.
  3. is there any fix, patch, tweak guide or watever to make the guilty gear x keyboard control better? i have no problem doing QCF + HCB... but i really had problem doing the HCB + F move for all chars... please help..thankz.
  4. i had d/l this Kawaks 1.48b dev + KOF2003 PCB [emulacity.comunalia.com].rar from some torrent site... but i dun have the password to unlock it... i try to use the website as a password but no use....i visit the site and it give me some language i dun understand...can someone help me? thanks alot!
  5. which version of nebula can i for kof2003?
  6. i already drop my hope on fba...now i try to find the 271-p1.bin all over the net for the hacked mame32..
  7. thanks i got the bios now...but it said missing 271-p1.bin files...
  8. there are all many bios at which one whould i d/l it? for mame....
  9. but it not even show up at the select game...anyway...i try to run it at the hecked mame32k...i get missing 271-p1.bin and wrong ng.lo.rom files...
  10. i had search the forum...i get broken links..they also said that got the rom...i d/l from there with the emulator...but it not working... EDIT: That's a great ROM site. What am I talking about? Oh, you don't know since I removed the link!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  11. i got the rom from.. but it only for mame? how to make it work at FBA? is there a hacked version or whatever? thanks alot! EDIT: ROM link exterminated.
  12. i just wonder is there any bassist here...? dun tell me i am the only one..
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