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  1. Thanks and a Happy 4th to all americans even though the country is going to shit....lol
  2. Got to love those flash carts. Got one for my granddaughters NDS and I instantly become her favorite grandpa..lol. She has me change games about once a week for her.
  3. A Very Merry Christmas to everyone here and their families.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't eat too much turkey and pie...lol!
  5. Don't think I posted this one before but I was looking through some of my older bookmarks and found this. It is a online emulation using the JSMAME emulator. They have 900 games available to play and I have played about 100 of them and found only a couple that were broken. So try it out if you never have it is quite fun. http://archive.org/details/internetarcade
  6. Nice! I play my dreamcast all the time. Loved the Toejam and Earl game btw.
  7. Winter is damn early...lol. Going to be frozen munchins tonight!

  8. He said he was going to delete his Facebook account to focus more on his studies. Guess he was not kidding.
  9. You sure made Mark one gloomy dude. I agree with some of your points but not all women are attracted to the macho type of man. I feel it you are a fairly nice guy and treat women with respect you will find women are attracted to that. I am not say that all women are like this because there are ones out there that like the macho type and then there are ones that hate men in general because of the way Daddy treated them as a child. A lot of the problems between Men and Women are taught to them by their parents who had no clue or desire to raise their children properly. Being said I still like where you are going with this and think you should definitely continue.
  10. Feel your pain my friend. I had one that lived for 16 years and she died over 4 years ago and I still miss her and cannot bring myself to get another. I know where you are coming from. All I can say is hang in there is does get easier in time but you never truly forget or get over it.
  11. Same old shit just a different day. Work eat go to bed and repeat! Occasionally I do get to go to a concert or two.
  12. First link was to 154 version the second link is 153 version
  13. http://page3.yunfile.com/fs/0Cribmso6nRa5ine10a5/
  14. http://emulationrealm.net/downloads/file/2427-mameuifx-64-bit
  15. Hey Ryan Hows it going? Good to see you back here again.
  16. Welcome dink. This place is great so stick around awhile and enjoy the forums and Attack System.
  17. So sad he was my favorite of all time. Here is some more about things is was doing in his new career. http://loudwire.com/wrestling-legend-the-ultimate-warrior-dead-54/
  18. I would have to go with the Man Of Steel. His only weakness being no sun. Goku needs to eat Senzu Beans after his energy is depleted and Superman's energy never depleted unless he is around kryptonite or no Sun.
  19. Welcome Phased. Hope you stay awhile and enjoy the few faithful user here.
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