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  1. He back on A@H he is, he seem to redeem himself the last time I checked. Some of the members were pretty stubborn towards him, I won't name them but they were stubborn. All I can say is what happened in the past is the past and nothing can change that, we all make mistake and it's best to forget and forgive. Being stubborn is not only negative towards other people it's also bad for your health. I treat people how I want to be treated, if they're negative towards me, I just won't connect to them and take no notice of them.
  2. Plays games with Microsoft then of course the user is going to loose, but if the user do things properly and play by Microsoft rules then the chances of losing is slim. When you said pirates I think you mean hackers? am I correct? Pirates are a group of people who sell counterfeit software, while hackers are a group of people who write exploits or breaking into computers that they don't have access to, which I think is sad. Anyway I didn't tell people how to pirate, I explained how the offline activation works for the sake of education, not piracy or hacking for that matter. Using a modified BIOS is risky especially if you change the way it works, but changing the manufacturers description and adding a SLIC marker into the blank isn't exactly changing the way the BIOS works. Neither the less using a modified BIOS is neither a hack or an exploit while the bootloader is an exploit and Windows can be updated to detect such exploit and that happened with Vista before.
  3. I heard all these scare tactic before, Microsoft, Apple, big companies, they do it all the time. Btw, I'm not using the BIOS emulator which can be deactivated by Windows later on, I'm actually using a modified BIOS and there no way Windows can deactivate that. Read the quote and for legal reason I can't link to the source. The now famous 22TKD OEM-SLP product key has been the first known Windows 7 RTM activation crack that done properly, unlike the previous undesirable cracks that make use of frankenbuild style Windows 7 RC or even Windows Vista license files to replace original Windows 7 version, and uses the corresponding product key to activate Windows 7 RTM as Windows 7 RC or Windows Vista. The OEM-SLP product key, when paired with proper SLIC table in BIOS and OEM certificate, will activate Windows 7 offline instantly without going online to contact any activation server, just like any genuine copy of Windows pre-installed on any OEM PC. It’s interesting what will happen when the product key is blacklisted via WGA. Technically, a SLP-OEM product key cannot be blocked without modification on Windows 7 validation code, unlikely as Windows 7 already been RTMed, and any change may affect other SLP-OEM keys for other computer manufacturers too. As such, WGA validation may detect a system that uses 22TKD for activation, and prompt that the system is not genuine, but the system will keep activated. Instead, WAT may look for a hack or activation exploit to present before blacklisting the key. Anyway, even if the leaked 22TKD OEM product key is blacklisted, ultimately a unblockable OEM-SLP product keys for Windows 7 that delivers with computer machine will be leaked when the goods are shipped in October. So you see, Microsoft really shot themselves in the foot.
  4. There are BIOS SLIC 2.1 emulation that runs as a bootloaders or you can modify the BIOS to include SLIC 2.1 which is obviously risky. The command to rearm is slmgr.vbs –rearm There are three types of product keys for Windows 7 just as they where with Vista, Retail, OEM-COA and OEM-SLP, Retail and OEM-COA requires online activation and while OEM-SLP activates offline providing the BIOS has an SLIC 2.1 which hold the OEM Private Key and the corresponding Certificate which hold the OEM Public Key that is signed and encrypted by Microsoft Private Key, of course Windows 7 holds Microsoft Public Key. As soon as you apply the Certificate to Windows 7, the OEM Public Key get decrypted then check to see if the OEM Public Key and Private Key are both a pair if it is than all you need to do is apply the OEM-SLP Product Key and then Windows 7 is activated offline. That Lenovo key you are on about is a OEM-SLP product key, as of right now Microsoft did not do anything to that product key, even if they did somehow blacklist the product key, people will just find another OEM-SLP product key to play with and Microsoft can't keep on doing that. As for replacing the activation files from RC or BETA, that will add the time bomb to RTM and you're right it's not going to work out too long.
  5. I saw it and I just say I don't think it better then "Casino Royale"
  6. Well I can provide an separate FAQ for my blog to explain my position on Dolphin, I'll do that later when I have the time. I have just uploaded revision 1227 Link Removed I have also provided an RSS feed for convenience Link Removed
  7. I have just uploaded revision 1220, I have got plenty of bandwidth and web space, I so may well put them to good use, I got Visual Studio 2008 for free from university. Link Removed! Note: I don't the url myself, so I will change that later!
  8. I have got plans on watching this on IMAX in Birmingham, UK. I can't wait!
  9. That good news to PS3 owners, BioShock is one of the best games I have played, I don't think it's going to be any better than the PC version!
  10. I just let people live the way they want, if they smoke that fine, if they are gay that fine, they are fine as long as they don't rub it in or promote it, let nature take it course. People telling how other live is not fine, that just selfish, arrogant and fascist. Btw, I'm straight, an atheist, politically incorrect and that the way I want to live, I don't encourage people to follow and that would of been selfish of me!
  11. Ahh, May the 12th, 13th, 14th, Today and I got an article ready for tomorrow I'm on a roll here!
  12. I have nothing to say, I'm so speech less! It's just plain stupid!
  13. Actually it can do that, I plug my cell phone into the 360 the once, in fact it can read off any USB memory device as long as it formatted as FAT32, just make sure the movie files are no bigger then 4GB.
  14. Oh tell me about it, On the bus I have to tolerate with selfish people everyday, I have to put up with people playing rap music on their cell phone loudspeaker and ear phones (especially loud) are just as bad. I don't rap music, I don't any speaker that lacks bass neither, it's so revolting, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who doesn't appreciate it.
  15. What the point of buying a hard copy with something soft inside, while you can get the soft bit from the World Wide Web anyway!
  16. God dammit, some people just have too much time on their hands, most of them have got no lives, so they just do something to gain attention what losers they are. I saw lame stuff like that before and haven't we all. I don't know about you guys, what I would do in my spare time is to either go to the gym, hang out with my friends or just learn how to use Blender (3D modeling).
  17. Superman is never uptight unless you provoke him of course, he is well laid back, perhaps to well of course, hence his...
  18. I just go to the gym regularly and use many exercise machines as possible and I'll lift up weight when I get the chance, I tend to do 3 sets with many reps as possible. I don't know about you guys, my muscles are aching like hell, but hey no pain no gain!
  19. All I can say is that I'm not an artist, so I'm not the person to judge really. All I know is that any music you consider is good then they are the music valuable to you so pay for it instead of downloading it for free!
  20. BK is on Xbox Live, modding an Xbox 360 is not worth the risk compared to modding the original Xbox. Getting banned from Xbox Live is easier than ever, if that does happen than he'll miss out on demos and updates!
  21. Tell that to my last girlfriend. Hahahahaha!!! So your ex prefers "biger forums" huh? No I think it something else, girls prefers bigger blokes or something I prefer not to say! :rofl: :rofl:
  22. I have been to large forums like offtopic, myspace, etc... etc..., the trouble with big forums is that not only it's over crowded, the staff on the large forums tend to get away with murder as any abuse done by them are hard to noticed because of the size of these forums. There no fun in large forums. Come up with a joke to post on these large forum and somehow someone beats me to the joke I had in mind. Bigger is crapper. Smaller is better.
  23. €3.95 (~$2) is not cheep at all, but then again the prices might be different in the US compared to Europe! Well tin can usually have a higher "best before" (or "expiration") date compared to other packaging.
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