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  1. Here my wallpaper, first dragon wallpaper I have use.
  2. Same here, mainstream Britain is just the same.
  3. Amazing isn't it, you might want to try to guess how many Bill Gates in China as well? compare that number to America? (which only has 1) I ain't surprised about China, they are the biggest pirates in the world, a Chinese hacker made a BIOS emulator that runs from a modified GRUB boot loader, all the user had do was to install the BIOS emulator (which also applies the certificate to Vista) and then use the Generic OEM Product Key and then Windows is activated. I have use that hack myself and it worked perfectly without any problems.
  4. I can't be arsed to say that much, I just say I got a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU, 1GB RAM and a 620GB of hard drive space. I'm not really much of a gamer.
  5. I saw this on a program called "Have I got news for you," me and my dad were laughing our heads off
  6. Listening to my Rock Music, making albums reviews and posting them to my blog. Sometimes I use my blog for starting dramas the best one I started off so far was "Different between good Rock and yob Rock Music," It bought in quality comments.
  7. Are you using adobe? I had bad experiences with adobe and firefox, I use foxit reader instead.
  8. 1GB of ram should be enough to run most games on xp, AMD Athlon 64 x2 are good CPU's it has better write speed while Intel has currently got better read speed. Most heavy gamers seem to think read speed is important.
  9. There nothing bad about softcore porn or nudity (only female), however if you look at hardcore porn it is just plain stupid I mean it kind of half-ghey watching it. I prefers viginer over something else, I don't even like saying that word.
  10. Yes Mooney, especially when they have to clean the white stuff off the floor.
  11. I wonder if there are 70's porn on the bus, seriously it may be a pleasure for the man but it a nightmare for others.
  12. By any chance is Carl from Australia or Britain as least, Carl asked "Who in the bloody hell is Disoblige?" which is just not American English.
  13. I totally agree with you there, if I did only see the left hand side of the picture then I wouldn't believe it was Britney. http://www.shoutwire.com/comments/40656/We...nd_After_Makeup -- She shaved her head for the sake of attention.
  14. Upgrade the attack system and allow users to opt-out, browsing the board without being a victim and that would be nice for some.
  15. I always used WinAMP, because it supports Ogg and has a lot of nice skins as well.
  16. Guinness huh, well at least you are not a lagerboy like Carl, who drink Heineken which is lager and not beer. @Carl, What the matter lagerboy, afraid you might taste something?
  17. When people catch a wanted thief, the reward is usually money but a motorcycle that unusual. The question is will that get L.S.D. interested? I wonder if I can get a leather jacket with the bike?
  18. Really I would like to help out, years ago I have started to get out of the gaming habits. I got out of that habit since I have been working hard at College. However I do have a couple of ideas, that could help bring in more visitors. 1. If you use e-mail so often, promote 1emu using the signature. 2. If you're good with graphics and words, makes some flyers, go to a rental store and put the flyers in each DVD case that is mark with Xbox, PS2, Wii, etc… etc… 3. Word of mouth, practically talking to someone about this site. These are just few ideas, but I think number 2 is just crazy.
  19. Guess James wanted more time on his hand.
  20. I wouldn't pay $10 a month just to play the games, I just download the roms instead.
  21. FreeBSD has no GUI installer, so most of it done on command. Installing server software is the real pain, I had to add apache into the system service manually so it can run on boot, while on Linux and PC-BSD it is all done for you automatically after installing the server software. You need a mac HAR HAR HAR. Seriously, Mac > all others in terms of media preferences. I will get to switching to Mac, but right now I'm alright with my PC at the moment. I can agree that Mac OS X is the best for musicians, I been round the mac store in Birmingham and tried out every single mac there the os had a lot of great tools for musicians, but I can't remember the names of these tools. Vista is bad for Audigy 2 users like, the sound card is very dependent on SPDIF for what I use and Vista limit access on SPDIF.
  22. I just give PC-BSD a try, installing software on PC-BSD is pretty much like installing software on Windows really. PC-BSD uses the install wizard called pbi (PC-BSD Installer) which is similar to installshield on Windows. Also PC-BSD looked kind-of-like Vista as the default style. What I like about PC-BSD is that it is not as bloated as Ubuntu, even OpenOffice and Firefox was not included. PC-BSD can natively run Linux applications, just like FreeBSD. As for FreeBSD itself, is what weirdy said about Gentoo really.
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