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  1. From wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort Probably to make the video cards more future proof. You might want to have a look at advantages over legacy standards (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort#Advantages_over_legacy_standards) The one feature I like with DisplayPort 1.2 is the ability to daisy chain up to four monitors!
  2. You trust this site? thats a great price!!! I been trusting them since the 13th January 2007, that what my earliest invoice date to!
  3. Here one at a cheaper price, same brand, same card! http://www.ebuyer.com/product/244431
  4. Don't download or use the cracked version of Windows 7, download an unmodified copy from a torrent site, on google search up "windows loader" and download that as well. After installing windows 7 don't enter in the product key and go to the next step, once you get to the desktop run windows loader and follow the instructions. After that your copy of windows should be activated.
  5. I have came to conclusion, it not worth it for the UK users at least, the UK price is anything but justified, the UK price tag for the lowest specs iMac is £1,020 (~US$1,637.74), while in the US it's $1,199 (~GB£746.81). To make price comparison fairer, add VAT(20%, Tax) to the US price tag then it's £896.17. Translation cost is not a good excuse. Terrible practice, Apple not the only one that pulls off that kind of practices, Adobe still does it and Microsoft ceased from doing that, the only reason why MS product are expensive in the UK is because of high tax rates (20%) and that understandable. As for the Mac Pro, I like the fact that they used passive heatsink for the CPU's and the fact they place it horizontally so it does not cause stress to the board. They sure thought that out well. As for the US users, I let the US users decide. Hey ken, the thing with the FreeBSD license is the fact is that there is no requirement of redistributing the source code modified or unmodified and also allows re-licensing unlike the GPL license, at the end of the day there is just no perfect open source license.
  6. Those 90nm PowerPC CPU's, that would obviously generate more heat then the i7 45nm & 32nm, but those generate more heat then AMD Phenom II x6 45nm. I heard most of the third-party utilities were available on windows, is that true? So it theoretically so no over-clocking potential on the highest CPU? Anyway, it's cost around £1,000 to build a PC that can easily outperforms the Mac Pro's 8 core option in many areas which is exactly £2,859, the examples PC specification are AMD Phenom II x6 1090t, oc to 3.8Ghz, H50 water cooler, 8GB DDR2-800 RAM (Corsair XMS), ATI Radeon HD6970, 2TB Seagate Hard drive and a 1000w cooler master power supply.
  7. I got a very good question, how does Apple handle the heating problem of those Intel i7 CPU's within the Mac Mini and the iMac? Is there any over-clocking potentials? I'm aware the Mac Pro does have not have that problem because they use a big case with lower clocked Intel Xeon CPU's but it just too damn expensive!
  8. By upgradeable you mean socketed NB/SB, well the manufacturers got rid of socketed BIOS just to cut cost and I believe ASUS still uses socketed BIOS'es and some gigabyte board use dual-bios. Anyway I been playing Super Mario Kart Wii on Dolphin and it runs smoothly with AMD Phenom II x6 1090T on DDR2-800 RAM.
  9. If you got an old laptop, just recycle it by installing Google Chrome OS, not that I believe in recycling!
  10. I don't know replace the forum-based with a tag-based concept, an idea that would save moderators from moving topic about, if that possible!
  11. The reason why AM2/AM2+ CPU don't work on AM3 only motherboard is because those CPU's lack the DDR3 controller, while the AM3 CPU has both DDR2 and DDR3 therefore works in either AM2+ or AM3. The only benefit the AM3 only motherboard has is DDR3 which has 5% to 10% performance over DDR2, DDR2-800 should be good enough for all computer games as of today, anything above that is practically an overkill. DDR2-800 is the minimum for AM2+ and AM3 CPU's. Also DDR2 rams don't work in AM3 board and DDR3 rams don't work in AM2/AM2+ boards
  12. Tip: if you already got a AM2+ motherboard, check if the latest bios support "AGESA" , some motherboard manufactures will tell you that, some won't especially with earlier AM2+ motherboards (they want money), if that the case open up the bios file in notepad and then find (F3) "!!AGESA" and next to that there should be a version number, if it is then the bios should support all AM3 CPU's including Phenom II x6 (except 1045T & 1075T so avoid those CPU's, at least 1090T is fine). Whatever you do, don't modify the bios, it best to create a copy of the bios file before opening it in notepad! I just notice that Shiba was recommending system with Gigabyte boards!
  13. I like to add that some women who actually got "stalked" didn't get believed mostly because of selfish people such as you ex which is terrible. Yeah, what funny is that bad role models tend to have good reputation/karma, good role models tend to have bad reputation/karma, what really amazes me is that some people still believe in karma and not even thinking about negative people and how they would exploit the concept of karma. Role model is base on your own performance and karma is base on other people opinions, am I correct? I think evil comes down to lack of productivity and imagination.
  14. If you hurt those type of girls they will go as far as getting everybody around her convinced that you're a psychopath even if you didn't mean to hurt them, I should know because this has happened to me before.
  15. May I just add that Hackintosh only works well on Intel Machine with SSE3 such as Core 2 Duo without a hacked kernel, with older Intel Machine or AMD, then you will need a hacked kernel otherwise it just won't boot up without a special bootloader such as Empire EFI. The CPU problem does extend to virtual machine such as Virtualbox, I got one installed on the AMD Machine and one on the Intel with SSE3, with the Intel machine I was able to get the OS to boot up from Virtualbox in-house EFI, I only had to modify the XML to include the SMC Device Key, I did use Empire EFI just to run the installation disc as Virtualbox would not allow me to install the system, unless I was running it on Mac hardware which I wasn't. As for AMD Machine the OS only boot up with Empire EFI and sometimes doesn't boot up.
  16. STUFF upgraded his community to IPB 3.0, the User CP on that thing is terrible compared to IPB 2.x and MyBB 1.4.
  17. Students are not the problem, it's just the ones caught up in their self-esteem with their grandiose sense of worth, even Penn & Teller think self-esteem is bullshit and I can't wait to see that episode.
  18. I find the music on galaxy to be completely shit, lastly I don't bother listening to radio station, just not random enough for me. blah
  19. Neither do I, one of those sub concious bitches had other people convince that I was a psychopath, what most people don't understand is that you can't diagnose people without the right qualification such as physiatric.
  20. Did you try out Google Chrome on Mac yet? The UI look seems to look nicer on Chrome then it does on Safari on Mac! http://www.google.com/chrome?platform=mac Is there a setting on mac that allow you to switch position of those maximise, minimize and close buttons from left to right?
  21. In respect to major updates, Apple controls the hardware they want in their system, so therefore they can kind of predict what will break the system and what won't break the system. Microsoft on the other hand don't control the hardware, therefore they can't predict in term of hardware, just to have to rely on reliable hardware. Am I correct? I once brought a laptop for my mother and it got one of those crappy SiS brand graphics card, as soon as I updated vista to service pack 2, it kept booting up to a blank screen the only I could workaround that problem is to put it on standby then switch it back on again. I never had that problem with Nvidia or ATI graphics card. The other question is, is Mac worth the hefty price tag for home users?
  22. Mac is it worth it? I personally I don't think it is nowadays, because that cross compatibility has improve over the pass few years software that was exclusive to the mac is now available on windows and maybe even linux. What your opinion guys?
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