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  1. I agree with BK, the one that tends to disagree are either an "Assassin's Creed" fanboy/girl or a well paid moron that doesn't give a damn about anybody else. With laptop gaming on the rise, surely PC Games have got to have a set standard on optimisation (sooner and later) as laptop are not as upgradable as desktop.
  2. you know what's funny, the people who wrote that are going to Hell faster than Keith Ledger would ever hahaha You have got that one right, the family that written this flyer and runs a site called godhatesfags.com are the Americans most hated family (or that what they call themselves), they are flocking deranged as hell! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6507971.stm
  3. a phillips 32" hdlcd=£400 360 premium=£250 hdmi cable=£12 flashing drive=nothing total=£662. id take the 360 option anyday. Don't forget that Microsoft expects to make more money from the Xbox 360 games, each Xbox 360 new releases would cost around £35-£50, if I multiple the minimum cost by 25 that would be £875 then I would add onto your total (£662) then that would make it £1537. As PC new releases would range between £25-£35, again I'll multiple the minimum by 25 then that would be £625 then I'll add that onto my total (~£880) which make it ~£1505. Note: I have estimated both the XBox 360 and PC Games ranges from Amazon.co.uk game charts to make sure that it is a fair calculation.
  4. Yes it can, almost every game will run perfectly on a PC with 3Ghz of CPU with a 2GB and an Nvidia reference Geforce 8800 GTX overclocked to match the Ultra speed. What I meant by "decent" was "high-end" and a quality brand name!
  5. Well PC Gaming is more expensive than console gaming on a small TV and I can agree to that, HD console gaming is only worth playing if you got a 42" TV with HDMI which totals roughly £1,300 (including the Xbox 360 ) and that amount can get a decent graphics card (~£250, OEM), a decent motherboard (~£80) with a couple of ram (~£30 2GB), a decent hard drive (~£60, 500GB), a decent DVD-RW drive (~£50), a decent CPU (~£100) with a decent cooler (~£10), keyboard & mouse (~£10), 22" monitor (~£200), a decent case (~£40) and a decent power supply (~£50) which totals at (~£880). The PC games are a lot cheaper than the console games. Anyway I don't think it is piracy that killing PC Games, I think it's all down to lack of motivation and innovation!
  6. Some of it ain't so bad, Mork and Mindy was a decent American 80's show, there a British show called "The Young Ones" that another great 80's comedy show. Most of today comedy I see there days is either too silly or too damn crude, "Little Britain" is just flocked up, "Friends" is just silly and plain boring, "South Park" is too crude, the plot line and the made-up accent is just plain silly and annoying, and "Family Guy" is just a fine show in my book, I grew up listening to random humour and it doesn't leave me thinking at all, but it does leave some people thinking, it's only because they didn't grow up listening to random humour.
  7. The most reliable to data transmit data is a hard drive and a 100mb network connections they are both faster then Blu-Ray and HD DVD. A PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are capable of playing videos from a networked PC, I couldn't give a damn about the portability of HD DVD and Blu-Ray, they are just as bad as CD's and DVD's they get scratched too easily.
  8. The only things that going to replace DVD's is the World Wide Web and not HD-DVD and even Blu-Ray way out of the league. All my HD movies comes from rapidshare and I thought to myself "pardon my immoralities, why pay for a film when I can get it for free"! Right now HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are a waste of paper and plastic, therefore a waste of good money that could've been used to improve the bandwidth of the whole Internet!
  9. Well I called him a fag after I have read this thread, the IRC chat log and the three screenshots which one of them included the C word which is not a nice word to use on a woman.
  10. Ok, ok, I should of referred to him as "Reaper_man, his past & his future clone army", as far I know anybody can get round the IP ban, anonymous proxies is one method and there many more method (Obviously it's been posted on the WWW anyway). Trying to apologies after being showed the door for a reason is just flocked up really! Excuse me, I didn't know about what was going on with Reaper_man in the background until I have read this thread, so therefore I have kept no mouths or opinions to myself.
  11. Hey Reaper_man, or should I call you Reaper_fag, stop whining because whatever GameCop just said is final, so get over it, coward. No matter how naughty looking they are or how much make up they ware, always treat woman with respects. Anyway, Good Ridden to Reaper_fag! He need a good kick in the groin!
  12. MySpace Whores, Woman with too much muscles, Size 0 models, stupid *******, it like they want to die from anorexia for $$$, Woman with big boobs, Woman that are too spoit. Can't stand them!
  13. Does your router have a WPA encryption if it does then use that instead of a WEP encryption, cause WEP is frighteningly easy to crack!
  14. Also IE6 and IE7 don't like XHTML, while Firefox and other browsers like XHTML.
  15. It not worth it, especially if you get caught doing it.
  16. That spammer was making cash by unethical means, so now the spammer got what he deserved.
  17. A classic mistake, they must have bang their heads so hard and yet they were bloody smiling!
  18. Congratulations GameCop, you sure bring up the pork and ham, J/K
  19. Next time you go out drinking get a taxi, it much safer. Never drink and drive and as gamecop just said 'Just know your limits'.
  20. You might want to have a look at the Samsung BD-UP5000. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/grope/hands+on-...best-282569.php
  21. You are better off trying to cut down, rather than trying to give up, just drink once a week and avoid excessive drinking. Alcohol isn't as bad as you think, a little bit of alcohol is good, but too much is bad for you.
  22. You're not only that hates screamers, quite often they scream so loud that I can't here the lyrics that really pisses me off. Anyway, it good to see that artists are making their own path rather than having the greedy record company choosing their paths. Hopefully other great artists will follow.
  23. I demand sources stating this. No point about saying who the winner is, it a bit too early to make the fine judgement between HD DVD and Blu-Ray (Casino Royale ). http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070...lly-matter.html People care about the films more then the format itself.
  24. Sony should of thought TWICE before including a Blu-Ray drive, there was nothing wrong with a plain DVD drive which is alot cheaper than Blu-Ray drive. I would play a 3-DVD game rather than a Blu-Ray game for the sake of reliability. Now that Sony are now selling them for half it should be worth, they are not making profit from any console sold. Anyway, we'll never know if it was a Sony fanboy that came up with the "Bungie Leaves Microsoft" rumour.
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