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  1. I know many things that are better than porn, things like rock and metal concern, motorcycles, action movies with machine guns, basketball, lifting weight at the gym, baseball, football, rugby and even Ice Hockey! FIGHT!! So many things are better than porn. I don't care what people say!
  2. I look at nudity, but however I do not understand porn, watching people having sex or playing with themselves, just a bad and disturbing habit to get into. No offence!
  3. All I can say is... no class, no women, no love, no sex! Can I put this any simpler?
  4. I haven't seen a free 3D modelling software that has an interface that meets industry standard, I use 3Ds Max 2010 but that obviously not free!
  5. Latest build here from skydrive. http://cid-ec92aae47a89073b.skydrive.live....in?view=details
  6. People usually get nowhere being a snob, those kind of people need a taste of their own crap.
  7. I posted a new article "Things I'm Cynical about!", the things that are included are Animal Right, Communists, Human Rights, Karma and UFO's, have fun reading the article, this might be the best article I did so far.
  8. I don't recommend 3rd party firewalls, it's cause more problems then it's worth, I would stick with Routers and Windows firewalls. As for anti-virus, I recommended Kaspersky Anti-Virus, it's has a high detection rate and I find it the least annoying. On new laptop I would recommend installing a fresh clean copy of Windows then install the necessary software and drivers, that way you get less problem with your laptop. I did exactly that with my new DELL, with a fresh copy of Windows 7 Professional that I legally got from the MSDNAA for free. My laptop also came with Mcafee it is so annoying!
  9. Just updated my blog also, be sure to check out anytime.
  10. Manhunt 2 was the game that got banned from the United Kingdom, the PC version will open the flood gate and that for sure!
  11. I think egocentric are the most troubled and gender plays no role in this at all. Don't worry I didn't say you were egocentric or anything like that! I find the whole gender bashing thing quite narrow actually and I find the word "bitch" quite arrogant and discriminating.
  12. No, hitting a women is just not right, that something a psycho would do, but not something a strong man would do. It's best just to take no notice of her and give her no second thoughts at all, I mean none at all.
  13. Bump, If you want something that stand out compared to other forums, perhaps a change of font would be nice. 14pt Times New Roman, easy on the eyes huh?
  14. Honestly, Hera I think you should of spoken to the staff privately rather than start a thread like this, your thread has caused some of these guys to get carried away! Anyway sorry to hear you going, although I haven't been here frequently.
  15. As a lady once said "boys will be boys"
  16. I can't exactly explain it but I think I got the idea anyway! I leave it at that.
  17. Unreal Tournament III, maybe four out of five, part one!
  18. I only watched this film mainly because of the Baroness, as for the rest, I didn't think much of actually.
  19. Same here, I got 102 entries and you got 103 entries, oh brilliant.
  20. Oh that arrogant swine lol, I would just leave him alone, he just not worth wasting time with and beside he is also a family man. Also he doesn't care what people say or think, he has thick skin.
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