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  1. tits usually, but it really depends on the girl, tits, and ass.
  2. This. Your auction is probably going to get pinched because of this.
  3. Excuse my French but that show is retarded. I still love you though.
  4. Showin' a little leg for us, baby? In all seriousness though, wow, floods scare me. I think the only thing I'm really scared of in life is natural disasters.
  5. So, I recently stumbled upon Starmen.Net and it really got me interested in the EarthBound/Mother series. I've always kind of enjoyed browsing and sifting through fan sites of video games. Do you guys know any well-compiled fan sites for any sort of video game series? Post any and all good fan sites that you know of. Hopefully, we can come up with a good list of fan sites across the web.
  6. This will allow for some pretty good fighting games on the Wii. I know Yabause isn't the most advsanced Sega Saturn emulator, but hopefully this will encourage developers to join. The Sega Saturn's got quite a good library... Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter anyone? Radiant Silvergun? Dead or Alive? DoDonPachi?
  7. Yep. I've been waiting for this and worse for years -- when stupid people get on the Internet, bad things happen. This is one of the consequences and many more to come and no one will realize why this is a big issue until it's too late.
  8. it's a ploy to generate web traffic that they otherwise wouldn't get
  9. For those with the zero count. I have regretted all but one of mine... and that 1 is someone I only mingled with once. Think about it.
  10. no spoilers! this is my first time playing just beat the ant guy and found the giant step. level 13 now, yay.
  11. that's where i'm at... given there aren't any other cities with tunnels underground outside of them too...
  12. Update: Just died to the big ass robot ant at the top of the cave system north of Onett.
  13. Well, that's good -- hopefully everything goes okay.
  14. Ouch, sorry to hear that. Is it an isolated cancer?
  15. Nah, I never do anything special for her on Mother's Day... it's kind of a ridiculous commercial holiday. I went to Wal-Mart this morning and people were crowded all around the Mother's Day gifts and stuff. Really cute to see that they waited until the last minute to get something for mom -- not very heartfelt if you ask me.
  16. I stand umm... corrected or something. EDIT: But it should be more obvious, maybe label it as "Chat" and just go there instead of GameCop's thread.
  17. There should be an integrated IRC client on the web site, to encourage users who don't want to screw around figuring out how to use an IRC client to join in.
  18. Oh, and by the way, I can't believe a f'n CARTRIDGE ONLY goes for $80+ on eBay. The price of one with a box and the strategy guide is outrageous... but hell, it's a damn good game from what I've played.
  19. Yeah, from my other topic -- I'm about to restart my game and play on DreamSNES. I had just beaten Frank and his robot.
  20. currently watching indiana jones and the temple of doom
  21. So, what's the best Super NES emulator for the Dreamcast? More importantly, which one will run EarthBound at full speed? I'm still stuck on my broken iBook and the Snes9x port really blows. The sound stopped working and I can't get it working again and I'd much rather enjoy this classic on my television set.
  22. Just wait for this and then emulate it or put it on a flash cart.
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