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  1. A good amount of the team from Earthbound is part of the studio that created the Pokemon games. So, it's no coincidence that they feel similar.
  2. Anyone have a tutorial on how to do this kind of thing? Firmwares and such... PM me.
  3. I just got a 360... my tag is "Kevandval". I gots GTA4, CoD4, and Beautiful Katamari.
  4. Someone wanna send to front page?
  5. After nearly two years of complete inactivity, I'm releasing a new version of my open source Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator to the public today. This version is a vast improvement over its predecessor and I hope everyone enjoys it. If anyone would like to help out on future versions, feel free to contact me. I'm also looking for people to send in their Pro Action Replay files! Anyway, below is from the changelog.txt file... I want to thank vbt and Parasyte A LOT for their help, thank you guys! You can visit the official homepage by clicking here, or simply download the new version by clicking here. Enjoy!
  6. There's now Pro Action Replay support and fast forwarding.
  7. Sega Vision portable Media Device coming I love Sega... grew up with every Sega console... but seriously... what the hell? After failure, after failure, after failure and then no hardware for like 8 years... they come up with THIS? Just give up already. Somehow you manage to screw everything up. Just die along with the Sonic franchise you've raped beyond all recognition.
  8. I added AVI recording with an adjustable frame rate (no sound, yet) aaand the "Rapid Fire Unit" is now emulated. EDIT: Forgot, region detection/switching is now supported -- thanks to Parasyte again.
  9. Don't suppose you'd care to elaborate on this? I know the NES isn't exactly a complicated piece of kit when it comes to sound, but it doesn't output Midi. It functions on pulse/triangle waves, noise and D-PCM signals. P.S. Why not try borrowing the audio system source from FakeNES? It's in C, and easily (Relatively speaking) converted to VB (Hell there are online tools that will do it for you, at least in VB.NET) The original programmer of BasicNES, which olafnes is based upon, used a MIDI engine to output sound. Don't ask me why, I didn't do it, haha. I'm not very worried about working on my NES emulator these days -- I dropped the project, pretty much, when I found the source code for vbSMS. By the way, there is now full Game Gear support -- the palette is fixed. The sound is also getting better, it may not be perfect on the first new release, but it's in the works. EDIT Screenshot for those who like those. A big thanks to Parasyte for the palette help too.
  10. Repair it now and sell it before the prices drop, ASAP.
  11. Me too, but they're gone... gone forever. In other news, sound is almost complete. I think vbt is also going to be fixing the Sega Game Gear support as well.
  12. UPDATE vbt has preliminary sound working!
  14. IJTF_Cinder: I have a VB NES emulator too, but the sound is horrible and I haven't touched it in a very very very long time. Robert: http://olaf.arc-nova.org/
  15. I figure I would announce this here, since this is where i laid my claim to emulator fame. I finally found someone to add sound to my Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator, vbSMS+. vbt, the person who ported SMS Plus to the Sega Saturn, has now jumped on board to take over the sound area of my emulator. It's been almost 2 years since the last release, and with this new release it will become a matured emulator for sure.
  16. They had a few of these at Game X Change up in Little Rock... I was more interested in Dreamcast stuff the last time I went up, so I didn't bother. Recently, I've found myself playing a lot of Super NES games, so I wish I would've nabbed one. I can't get enough of Super Mario World right now (I never played beyond 5 minutes of game-play up until a couple days ago).
  17. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes @ http://www.capcom.co.jp/
  18. ROFL I'm sorry, but that's funny as hell.
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