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  1. They dropped G3 because all of them were less than 867 MHz (this is the base G4 speed)... and lacked some certain graphics chip or something like that (which Leopard needs). It wasn't really about the PPC architecture getting dropped as it was other parts of the G3s. I don't really see them dropping G4s, it was just hypothetical/speculation.
  2. Well, as far as I understand (and I'm still a very big newbie when it comes to the Mac world), the main type of executable is a "universal binary" which covers PPC and Intel. However, with the introduction of Leopard they stopped supporting anything before a G4 processor (as in PPC)... with whatever new OS X build comes out, I would imagine there's a good possibility they might drop G4s. Can't be sure, but I'd like to hope not.
  3. So, you only paid $6,234,623 instead?
  4. I'm actually not too worried about that... Firefox, iChat, Colloquy, BitRocket, GarageBand, iTunes, and QuickTime are all I really need. I don't really do anything on computers like I used to... not much of a power user these days.
  5. Which of you are Mac users? What model/specs? I've got a crappy little iBook besides my main PC. It's a white Dual USB G3... 700 MHz, 256 MB, 20 GB, Tiger. I'm looking to buy a better iBook or PowerBook in the near future once my PC is fixed. Going to sell it off and just go Mac + mobile.
  6. Half correct. You can also use the swap method (which I use).
  7. My girlfriend is apparently going to buy me an Xbox 360 for my birthday and GTA IV (yes, I know -- gnarley). Anyway, I'm wondering which model is impervious to RRoDs or at least less likely to crap out on me. Keep in mind, I'm also trying to go for the cheapest solution. Anyone? P.S.: The birthday isn't for a month+... are there any new models I should wait for?
  8. batsugun, radiant silvergun, battle garegga, strikers 1945, strikers 1945 ii, dodonpachi, etc.
  9. This game was THE reason I bought a Dreamcast. Great review and DEFINITELY deserves an A. Good job.
  10. i date a woman who smokes and i give her s*** about it every time she lights one up... she's starting to smoke less and less because she's starting to feel bad about it. sometimes being a d*** about things helps.
  11. http://www.autumnoftheseraphs.com/dcburn/gdromrealign/ my local mirror... for my burning guide...
  12. i just played this for the first time (pc port) like a year or two ago. i got a mk torrent and tried it out... not too bad, but overall it just feels clunky.
  13. Dreamcast, Gamecube, or Xbox Live?dreamcast, of course!
  14. another arkansan? strange! a lot of people i know were there... i didn't care for any of the bands, so i didn't go. fri - gf stayed at my place sat - went to gf's in the morning... went to a party with her later in the evening sun - sat around at gf's place boooring, but she's a new girlfriend... so it's all still new and fun even if we're just sitting around all day.
  15. batsugun ikaruga nba 2k2 sonic the hedgehog 2
  16. castlevania: bloodlines combat cars road rash 1, 2, and 3 sonic the hedgehog 2, 3, and sonic & knuckles streets of rage 2 and 3 teenage mutant ninja turtles: hyperstone heist
  17. there was one battle in pokemon diamond that was unfairly difficult iirc
  18. I could only play that game for hours if it was against friends or arcade vs someone else. I didn't think it was good enough or entertaining enough for single player. Quoting for truthiness... and Turbo is the best.
  19. Trevor and Isaac from Castlevania: Curse of Darkness M. Bison from Street Fighter Alpha 3 That's all I can think of right now because I'm retarded.
  20. You should just use my guide: The Modern Guide to Sega Dreamcast Disc Burning. It's based off Shibathedog's information as well as other information I've collected around the Internet. It's the easiest guide, by far.
  21. Yes, that is correct. But there's no telling if the "emulator" packed in with the ROM is only set for NTSC or PAL games as well... I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks (days?).
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