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  1. When in doubt, pull it out. ...unless she's on birth control.
  2. What're the best emulators and stuff? Or do you not do that?
  3. Glad someone else is with me on that one.
  4. Is it painless to revert so I can get on Live?
  5. But, I guess that's a pretty unique mod or something. What's "Xboxhdm"?
  6. I've used a condom with... no one. So, I probably have AIDS now.
  7. Just hope your male organ doesn't rot off. I know I am.
  8. All of that is exactly what I plan on. Are there any certain hard drives I should look for to upgrade the hard drive and is that a complicated process? Also, what about physical mods like the little screen people add to the front?
  9. Most people on the west coast do not have an accent. I was born in Whittier and I lived in Tucson, AZ and near Seattle in WA... most states along/near that coast lack a distinct accent. However, we do have a lot of distinct slang -- which makes it obvious where we're from.
  10. I'm thinking about getting an Xbox solely to soft-mod it and enjoy some emulator action. Is there anyone that can help me obtain some emulators when the time comes? Or recommend anything else I should download/mod for my Xbox? Thanks ahead of time.
  11. You sound like a woman at the supermarket trying to justify buying some crappy burritos that the family will never eat just because you have a coupon for a dollar off. Why the hell would you buy one? It's useless now.
  12. Looks like it might be a SFC-on-a-chip device... given the amount of buttons and the shape of the cartridges. If that turns out to be true, it'd be nice to actually own one of those bad boys. A Super Famicom with Wii-like remotes? Count me in.
  13. So, I read an article the other day on Digg or Joystiq (I can't remember which) about EarthBound and its history. I'd never been really too intrigued by it even though I've only heard really good things about it. Anyway, the story mentioned this fan web site -- so, I visited. Turns out there's a very dedicated fan base to the EarthBound/Mother series. I found myself looking through all the articles and stuff, which ended up getting me really interested in the game. So, here I am playing it for my first time in Snes9x... wish me luck. BTW, I am enjoying thoroughly so far. The little Bee guy just died and I'm running around the morning after.
  14. And some games just had little extra features if you used one of the extra buttons (Boogerman exclaims, "Booger!" if you hit an extra button, IIRC). Hell, the Sega Genesis even had a portable version of itself. You could also buy the Power Base Converter and have backwards compatibility for the Sega Master System. There's also the Sega CD and 32X... which are a bit gimmicky, but did have good titles like Knuckles' Chaotix, Star Wars Arcade, and Virtua Fighter. The only comparison we get from Super NES is the Super Game Boy attachment -- for playing Game Boy games on the Super NES. That's kind of boring, especially since the point of a Game Boy is mobile/handheld gaming.
  15. Well, GameCop... I'd say the first generation was Sega Master System vs. NES... the SMS won out in South America and Europe while the NES/Famicom dominated USA and Japan. The NES won without a doubt, everyone can agree on that. Anyway, I'd say the Sega Genesis vs. Super NES generation is a draw. Both consoles had their titles that the other didn't and their ports are generally on par with each other or lacking in certain areas. This is completely understandable, because they aren't the same hardware at all. My friends loved coming over to my house (and others') for some Sonic or Streets of Rage action -- while I enjoyed going to their houses for some Donkey Kong Country and the likes. It gave everyone a fun rivalry where everyone won. I did like the Super NES's controller a lot more though. EDIT: I did vote for Sega Genesis, however -- just because it's what I owned as a child.
  16. I really like it, I've probably listened to it like 7+ times now. I like Trent Reznor's older stuff... but all this newer music is awesome. I think his music has finally matured.
  17. Been using 7-Zip for years... best archive tool since WinZip's popularity died out (which most people just pirate).
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