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  1. I've eaten his pills on many occassions, they speed me up while they slow him down. It works like this for anyone... Concerta, Adderall, etc.
  2. fark+digg+slashdot+4chan etc. seem to be generally the same group of people plus the additional loyal fans
  3. except for the 4chan'ers that are there for the furry pr0n which is frequently posted
  4. i like that little thing. i wanted to get this kyocera thing from cricket that was kinda like that, but i settled for a razr instead.
  5. 4chan mostly consists of people obsessed with hentai and anime, furries, and uhh... regular ass internet dudes looking for kicks. it's pretty weird, but there's also a lot of good stuff in there... like hot naked women, sweet ass wallpapers, some actually funny internet memes, etc.
  6. I think we're the only ones who've noticed?
  7. False. When my friend takes his medication there is a very noticeable difference. Have you noticed the difference when someone who's prescribed Adderall takes it versus someone who is not? It's totally different. However, is it a cash cow and are the medications peddled? Yes.
  8. Pretty pointless. BUT... timing issues, may not even start up, etc.
  9. it's on rapidshare too in split rar format (the same release).
  10. The manual files are just plain HTML as we've recently discovered, so no... that's not why it's huge. Hopefully, they include a "general" emulator that emulates the entire hardware not just the specifics on a per-game basis... which would be ignorant. So, I guess it's safe to say that it probably includes an all purpose emulator.
  11. garfield minus garfield is brilliant. that is all.
  12. umm... how is the above post going unnoticed? spam bot and porn right out in the open.
  13. i think maybe you mean... rainbow brite vs. the smurfs? rambo brite... luls.
  14. Just use my guide: The Modern Guide to Sega Dreamcast Disc Burning.
  15. Now to reverse engineer the emulator!
  16. +1 That game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 & 3, and Zillion are probably my most favorite gaming experiences ever.
  17. THIS -- A THOUSAND TIMES, THIS! As far as I was concerned, MK died at UMK3. As soon as they came out with the compilation with all the characters in 1 game... I knew they were finished. They started milking the franchise RIGHT then... pushing out crap just to get a few bucks -- even as a child I understood this -- and I think many people don't understand THAT is when it all started. They've been murdering MK for 12 years (Trilogy was 1996)... and MKvDC is further proof of the milking and murdering. All that aside, this does look like the most interesting MK release in a very very long time. I am a forgiving man, and I let people take their chances to prove me wrong. As you said as well, Drakeypoo, Sonic is dying too... and I'm willing to forgive Sega if they'd just release one good new Sonic game... maybe Unleashed will do that.
  18. I'd say stay out of it unless the violence gets more frequent... then call the cops anonymously.
  19. How I've always dealt with it is kind of ignore him... when my friend doesn't take his medication (which he doesn't anymore at all)... I just kind of let him talk my ear off. Where is this taking place? Neighborhood? School? Work? Here's something I've learned in life... no one likes confrontation. If you get in someone's face and you're half their size and you talk to them sternly, they back down. No matter how nerdy, short, ugly, whatever you are -- people back down feverishly. You need to confront him about being a douche bag... and if that doesn't work, go to someone of authority -- whoever it may be.
  20. One of my best friends has ADD and it's not his fault. Your post is pretty hateful and tasteless. ...and yes, he's 20~.
  21. For those of you who don't visit Digg, I just saw this... The originating article can be found here.
  22. Does anyone know where to obtain some BREW games? I have a RAZR V3a and would like to play some games. The SDK is publicly available... so, I was wondering maybe there are some freeware games floating around the Internet?
  23. The Dreamcast lives on and on! :} BTW, that screenie looks neat... I like that graphic style.
  24. I kind of liked it... but then again RPGs really aren't my thing -- so I'm not a good/reliable critic.
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