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  1. lol sorry, i didn'tknow we were supposed to NOT to say where to get roms, i didn't know till now. But finding PSX Stuff is way to hot for me to handle
  2. I actully found a download with multiple different RE:2 ROM's with PJ 641.6 The more enhanced one doesn't freeze, and has more cheats, but the FPS is worse. If you have like AIM or something, send me a IM to ChaosProtecter, then i would give you the rom for it if you want.
  3. A.K.A is their any plug-ins to make it run better?
  4. Why don't we make a big thingy? (lounge Etc.) and make it for where to get, Emulators, and ROM's, and Patches, and plug-ins?
  5. Well I have Mortal Kombat Trilogy, but it isn't running as smooth as any of the other ports, and this is supposed to be the fastest port, what could i get to make it run smoothly? YOUTUBE = sasukekun123
  6. Actully i just keep waiting, if you don't want to do all that other stuff, wait for like 5 minutes YES!! 5 minutes. But after that it freezes on me =/ so im'a see what happens if i wait on that
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