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  1. I just purchased myself a great, seemingly brand new copy, of the seminal (at least for me) F-19 Stealth Fighter. Now what I wondered before I try and buy an Amiga with min 1mb ram and 1.5mb HDD I was wondering if there was an emulator for PC that would allow me to utalise my floppy drive. This may well be one of the most unusual requests I have made, but that is just the way it goes somedays. I use XP.
  2. Certainly it is more than just a basic ending, which certainly deserves exploration, but it is fundamentally a paradox, thus probably best used as a great place for people to explore more complex philosophy - this film is a great example of how philosophy can be explored by a quality script and director. I really do recommend films like Adaptation if you want films that make you think, and dissect... I would also highly recommend something like Heaven or Dirty Pretty Things which are both lovely in their execution yet don't try to solve any issues within there own limited, filmic, boundaries. Thinking slightly more mainstream, Gattaca also manages to raise some very important issues whilst maintaining the integrity of cinema; ham fisted philosophy like Reloaded certainly does not (but that’s probably a whole other debate).
  3. I thought the combination of DC pad and stilted gaming mechanics failed miserably. The original was best, it was cutting edge. In terms of developing a great initial idea, the most recent editions for Gamecube would seem to be the money. I think however that perhaps the series needs to develop itself in a more revolutionary, rather than its current evolutionary way. I wonder if the On-Line idea will work, I am not sure not being able to communicate with your online buddies will make it a full and rewarding online experience at all.
  4. I have to disagree with your assertion that there was any such potential. It was an awful idea from its conception and clearly only designed as an exploitative money making enterprise - which is fine, but lets not go about thinking it had potential. Tomb Raider was a poor effort also but was a title that may well of had some potential, the style of game though borrowed heavily from the Indiana Jones movies and it could be argued to have been a game based (loosely) on a film which became a film again. The main problem with these projects is they start with exec's saying - "let's develop this franchise, expand it if you will, into a movie. We really need to develop the (add Branded game here) into a total consumer experience" rather than a creative type saying " I've got a great idea for a film". See?!
  5. <ight I suggest DC++ for movie downloads... P.S... the ending = paradox, nothing more or less than that. If you liked that film try Punch Drunk Love and Adaptation.
  6. the problem is that you can not qrite legislation that can, could, cater for any and all individual situations.
  7. or, you could get the gamecube pad convertor from Lik-sang. it is not thta expensive, and is pretty much the most versitile pad for PC/emulator game use.
  8. whu not simply purchase a convertor for a console pad. lik-sang have them. I use my gamecube pad to good effect.
  9. Very, very wishful thing. __ Display: Wide-screen (16:9) TFT LCD with backlight (res: 480x272) Disc medium: UMD (Universal Media Disc) 60mm optical secured ROM disc with cartridge (1.8Gb) Video CODEC: MPEG4 Graphics: 3D polygon/NURBS Audio: PCM (built-in stereo speakers; stereo headphone output) I/O: USB 2.0, Memory Stick slot Battery: Rechargable (lithium-ion) Hopefully it will stir nintendo into a much less lazy handheld development. Fewer ports of snes tites.
  10. DC++ is difficult to hack, but not imposible. As DC++ is readily available I think I would have to agree with this idea.
  11. Quite a few people on the emu forums don't seem to have any game shares. I think this may well be down to bad scripting rather than no actual shares. I wonder if this is a deliberate attempt to avoid having to do the old uploading thing. Please do not forget that uploading should be an inevitability that everyone is resigned to; it keeps P2P alive.
  12. Sin and Punishment is the best game for the N64. I would say that Zelda was more like an experience than a simple game and therfore is a diffrent console genre. Ico likewise was more like an experience than a game.
  13. buy a new one before it shatters mate.
  14. Vintage!? Bah. Cheers for those sweet links.
  15. yeah Amiga's may have been better - whatever - I had an ST and I want an emulator now as well. If possible with F-19. Any helpers out there in the ether.
  16. No worries, all sorted. I thought I would give up the site that helped me out.
  17. I really want a new machine but I understand some problems might occur if I use CD-r's. Does an one have any information about the problem and or solutions.
  18. I nave the bins if you still need them. I also have Final Fantasy tactcs which is marginally the better game.
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