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  1. what the flock - high school - pah - yankee doodle dooers... In the Uk I had the misfortune of being forced through senior school.
  2. Do anyone here use messenger? xiphoid@tiscali.co.uk For all your abusive film critiques.... Let us build a community....
  3. the only guy that starts topics round here, or are they merely more interesting than the rest. hmmm, shall I start a poll? Edit: I may be drunk in charge of a Broadband connection....
  4. chips = crisps I presume. Uk based posters use the actually English language you know.
  5. Brazil is a well known classic. Created by one of the Monty Python team. Excellent.
  6. hmm, have you used a GBA... it actually have 4 buttons - 2 shoulder. There is a great interview witht he designer of GBA in the latest Equip magazine which I would recommend for reading - very entertaining indeed. Snes is superior in a very rose tinted way.
  7. Garou... Soul Calibur 2 is flocking Ace.. well what I have played of it, which is mini mini amount.
  8. I have all the cities of gold on VCD.
  9. From a personal stanpoint I think slim girls look great with tattoo's along their lower back, just above the trouser line.
  10. The US created Osama - follow the bright flashing lights to the answer.
  11. Girls should do what they want and if you don't like it; I imagine they won't like you anyway.
  12. it sounds like a software eerror. The new Dc ++ works fine though on my machine. Might I suggest you reinstall it. If that don't work, then try installing an older client.
  13. Did you set up the proxy correctly, assuming you are using a firewall.
  14. All religions have various interpretations placed upon them. The ambiguity of the scriptures and other religious works written many hundreds of years ago makes this easy. It is certainly not only religion that has this massive problem, and it is a problem. Most democratic legal systems are filled with cases which see two parties arguing the toss over the same law – I do sometimes feel that this is a major flaw in religion per se however, as a book containing the foundations of a ‘faith’ should not be ambiguous, or contain massive contradictions.
  15. you're like an oracle. Why do you think internet speeds need to be any faster to make emulation of faster systems possible?
  16. It's getting late but who cares, for me it's the weekend and when this Dianne Waverley film finishes I am going to hit Brighton beach and have an early morning BBQ. weekends rule!
  17. Absolutely. What I have found very irksome about the N64 addicts is that they always made out it was the multiplayer that made it the 'great game' it was! I guess the younger you are the more likely you are to relish the title that was fresh for you, rather than appreciate the quality that was offered by a former era.
  18. hmm, you seemed to have missed the inherent irony mate. Or I am taking your post out of place?
  19. So DreamcastLover - Where are you? Are you a UK boy. I remember a name, reminiscent of yours on a Uk mag forum - Edge.
  20. It depends how old your Playstation is. Some sort of modification will be needed. However, if you have an older PSX you can attach an external cart that will allow pirate playback.
  21. I really wonder how big your Pc capacities would have to be to run a PS2 emulator. It is not quite as powerful as the X-Box, but it will be far harder to emulate. So easy is the X-Box to manipulate that we can run excellent emulators on, it, already. The PS2 will give a different headache to what has been faced before, I mean a lot of media time was given to the 'emotion engine' but as the PS2 developed and has been developing we have seen the second chip become the driving force - the Graphics Synthesiser which acts in a very non traditional way for a graphics chip. Paul Holman President Sony Europe) was pained by even developers becoming sidetracked by the promise of the emotion engine. I wonder if emulation of later titles will be possible on an unmodified PC.
  22. Total Recall was OK, but Arnie could have been replaced with a good actor which would have improved it no end. Sharon Stone is at her slutty best though. I have to say that Rushmore is an amazing film - I presume you have seen his latter Tennebaum film; but have you seen bottle rocket. If not I would recommend, just out of personal interest (I once found an entire forum devoted to Wes Andersons films – funny). The Wilson brothers are superb. (I think one of the Owen brothers is in fact his co-writer on some projects).
  23. I will take that as a joke. If it is not we will probably have to have a deep and meaningful conversation about what = quality gaming, good gaming or fun gaming.
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