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  1. hmm,I still do not see the relative merit of a busier forum per se. I mean the forum drifts along at its own pace. We all know it is here, and what we can gain from it...
  2. lvl 12 monk, just changed to warrior for a while; lvl 2.
  3. I'm not sure that the forum needs to be more active. For loads of activity, and game chat try rllmuk.com. There are some awful and soem good, elements ontheir, and it has loads of traffic.
  4. It was going to be an avatar, but a sig would be sweet. Uploading a pic, and leaving myself able to link has been troublesome. I'm not to savvy when it comes to constructing my own web stuff.
  5. At the moment, Garuda. My flat mate is also on Garuda. Hack kill slay. I'm currently trying to get some sheep skin for a mission.
  6. I guess it depends where you live. I had to import mine from the US.
  7. Yep, I certainly could. I have webspace, dreamweaver and not one single clue how to set up what you describe. Anyadvice?
  8. It is amazing. I spend all day at work thinking about home time - which means playtime.
  9. also, not with breakfast in your mouth.
  10. I bought it Saturday, and due to network errors I did not get tot play until Sunday evening - for 3 hours. I was so angry all weekend, I fear some customer service agent is going to get me yelling at them at some point. It looks fantastic, some of the character design is fantastic. One small gripe, is the server allocation. BAsically it randomnly assigns your characters to 'world' servers. Of which there are 30 or so. My flat mate and I are both playing the game at the moment, and last night had to create roughly 15 odd characters to get into the same gameworld; and another friend based here int he UK will have to do the same when their copy arrives.
  11. Trying to squeeze a film from fighting games is such a bad idea. I mean awful; I mean i is not as if martial arts films are nw news or anything like that.
  12. tsk, tsk! www.google.com
  13. use what you want. www.fileforum.com has a few options. You'll only work out what you like, by using them yourself.
  14. I downloaded 37 GB's of data last month, I also use NTL. I have not been kicked, and my download speed never seems any lower at any particular time or another. It is also worth noting that I have 3 other users on my network. I think the ntl gap theory is therefore nothing but myth.
  15. You could of had a thread with no poll. Perhaps.
  16. I don't care. it's harsh I know.
  17. Yeah, that does seem to be my problem on that front. It's a real shame because it is ace-ellent.
  18. Neither! I prefer the company of dullards on internet servers etc.... Of course it is girls, and if any male, that is not homosexual says otherwise, may god strike him down for being a fool. Girls are ace... and apprentley they can be clever too:So, how sexist am I?
  19. http://www.emutalk.net/videos/dolphin_zelda_intro3.avi http://www.emulation64.com/
  20. 1. Something on your mind? What on earth are you talking about (posts like this one I am writing? 2. I think there is the option to simply remove visible postcounts, have the admin guys thought about that? 3. Is this am ironic thread?
  21. http://www.allmusic.com You can do 'style' searches on the site. It will also give other band, or related band, options.
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