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  1. sorry guys been away for a while, but my comp has crashed and i don't have those anymore sorry
  2. First console hm.... tdlloo tdlloo tdlloo (via waynes world) wripples follow. I remember opening the box to my first Atari about 17 years ago, it was a present. years later my cousin gave me his NES, even more years later I got Genesis as a gift, and even later I got PSX as a gift. Soooo technically "I" never really bought a console "lucky me" but I did buy my computer!! does that count?
  3. i'm commin', just gotta get back on DC, cus my comp has been down for a while, but i'll see y'all there in no time!
  4. Ok i know about those but what is the killera server? oh hold on i'll check out the post for it !!
  5. I've been away for a while, prob about a month. Like the new look and format of the forums, pretty cool!! ....ok that's all i had to say.....
  6. the key word is "IN THIS SENTANCE" not the one underneath
  7. what is viewtiful?? a game? (stupid questiojn) for what system??
  8. just what the subject says right now i'm playing through GS 2, but want some other games, any suggestions??
  9. the first forum i joined was A@H a loong time ago, and then....I found formaly emulforums and now! 1emulation.com!!
  10. Although Futurama is quite funny, NOTHING and i mean NOTHING can compare to Simpsons cartoon or real! Plus if there was no Simpsons there would be no Futurama, reason being the creators that made Simpsons made Futurama and all the drawings originate from the rabbits that Groening used to draw and later developed into humans (THE SIMPSONS) and then used for Futurama. Damn I Love The SIMPSONS!!
  11. I use the simple Gravis gamepad Pro, it's set up like the Playstation controler, 10 buttons including select and start. I have no problem executing firebals and such. a bonus is that it is real cheap!
  12. Cards are WAY batter than slots. Slots is soooo boring, u just sit there and push a button and let the computer chips inside decide how fast u lose your money. With cards u have a role in how fast u lose, with a higher probability chance of winning. i myself am a BlackJack man, i've only been to a casino a few times, the most i won was $100 would have won more but my friends wanted to leave
  13. about 2 to 3 weeks ago my computer crashed but finally it is back up and running the problem is that i never got to write down the code after completing Golden Sun, to carry all my hard work over to the sequal. soooooo, would anybody be so kind to um.... maybe....... I hate to ask.....lend me a password......
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