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  1. technically, if you have a well frameworked leagal disclaimer, you can make illegal for peopel to inform on a P2P hub. If someone attempts to shut you down (and you have enogh bottle/cash for the legal battle) you can counter sue for details of how they found your hub info and then counter sue. (something like that anyway).
  2. if you click the www button on my post box it should link you up straight away.
  3. is this for any particular type of image? if not then try www.deviantart.com
  4. Bit of publicity. The website that is on my profile has some fantastic art. My friend produces the art, and if any of you here are interested in signing up for the Blessed magazine then let meknow and I sort you out with some details.
  5. are you sure that the iso is complete?
  6. I have cute setup already as I use it for uploadsand downloads. I also have got a few sites book marked. ftp.bunglefever.com has a fantastic array of Mr Bungle music. what I mean by this post is, that the only ftp site Ihave found on the forum was in a diffrent folder. Whilst this is no bad thing, perhaps we could codify a list of ftp links in this folder. I am only new around this forum however, so such a list may already exist. I just need directions.
  7. Yeah it does have some 'minor' drawbacks. Conversing in grammatically complex languages is certainly one of them. French to Japanese works far better than English to Japanese. My brother in Japan did mention why this was the case, but I have completely forgotten. Sorry chaps no engaging linguistic tale for you today.
  8. It is something very common among the webs' newsgroups I think.
  9. I just read that some people might not be aware that there is a web based program that can help in the translation of sites. I am obviously an English speaker, so the link I can provide is only for non english to english. The site is not 100% proof, but it can certainly aid in navigating all world wide sites. http://babel.altavista.com/ If the link is not working let me know and I will give a redirect.
  10. ... peopel keep mentioning ftp sites. No matter what I am reading, I see no addresses. Are these member only, or am I simply not paying close enough attention?
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