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  1. I've never had any problems with NERO, but it replaces Discjuggler for my cdi files.
  2. Alcohol works like a charm, cheers.
  3. I'll give it a bash, I have it downloaded, just need a bit of testing time. I'll let you advocates know what I think.
  4. If you have the set up particulars for alcohol, then I will. I only used discjuggler as I had it working.
  5. My PC crashed this morning. I have spent the day recovering my system set up and data stores. However, I have lost my discjuggler set up details, the one thta tells me how to burn cdi files for dreamcast in said program - has anyone got the burn set up details, or a site link thta holds them?
  6. Dreamcast: MSR - again. I love the game I just cannot get enough. I still have not purchased Project Gotham Racing as there is still a few more seconds to be shaved and kudos points earned in the first title. I am desperately trying to get hold of Space channel 5 as well, though clearly not playing it. X-box: Tiger Woods 2004. A mate of mine works for a games magazine, and I have been playing it for week and weeks. II think it was released (UK) yesterday, so I have slightly lost my interest. Soul Calibur 2 (work). PS2: GT 3 as ever. Soul Calibur 2(work). Gamecube: Animal Crossing. Soul Calibur 2 (work). PC. Half Life 2. Not the full game of course, but my flat mate had a copy from work, which we loaded up. Its maps, weapons and a few testing tools. Of the maps that are complete I can say one thing: ACE!
  7. As i understand it, he is the front man for the last republican candidate for governor (In the election 11 months ago). An interesting idea, and one that is slightly non democratic.
  8. After a while, Raphael becomes quit eeasy to counter in vs. mode. In fact I think he is a rather blandly esigned character; a bit lazy maybe.
  9. what gifts were you planning on bring back?
  10. I like the chalenge, but could we make it a good game by any chance?
  11. I can't trust the edit sir. It is currently 4:26 UK time, I'm very pissed. I could edit it out on the morrow, but it is ore honest this way: I stand by what I mistyped.
  12. This may sound blasé, but it was laways time to move on. You know not, from what ecperience I taljk, but I talk form some. Be happy that she has has something to be happy with; now it is your turn to search.
  13. That's the best news I have had since Israel bomber Syria. It's all aces today it seems.
  14. Now if I print that, will they accept it in Afghanistan?
  15. http://www.animalsexotique.com/ I don't know what they have by way of monkeys, but they must have something you can trian to steal for you!
  16. Gonna say i have never heard of mp4 as well. well that is because it is called WMA.
  17. I thought Microsoft purchased the rights to 'MP4' and called it WMA.
  18. A great load of effort is being put into cracking the actual X-box at the moment; no wonder PC emulation is a bit slow. I guess it is ironic really. As PC gaming comes back to the fore of gaming with titles like Half Life 2, Doom 3 etc, we see a rise in hacking of consoles.
  19. http://www.rodigan.com Now it is not really my first choice of music, but it is a great little site: Any others?
  20. I thought the site had a size 'justifaction' facility built in. I'll tinker with it, and see what I can lose - don't want it all jerky though.
  21. So, I try to upload a snazzy new avatar, it's a gif, but the site will not let me. Is this becuase it is an animated gif?
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