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  1. I miss carriers. Not sure how I feel about 'god' units.
  2. Ha, one of the reasons my friend didn't like Spiderman 3 was because it was confusing. I'll see it in a week or two; undaunted by your claims of convuluted subplots
  3. you've gotta fix it all we see or at least all i see is a little thumbnail of it when i click on it. it's just a tiny picture for me too.
  4. That will make a text list of the folders/files in a directory instead of having to copy and paste every single one.
  5. Trust me on this one, best pick up line in the world. "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"
  6. I'm with Gryph. Nothing like good old fashioned genocide.
  7. I'd say Kelly Clarkson, but when my friends found out they were all uppins with "Oh yeah dude, high five for guilty pleasures--I dig her too!"
  8. Looks like tripping on power to me! Rock on, doods! Just in case I get a ban for this post, I'd like to spell it out. "flock, HE DISAGREED--SHUT UP OR BAN"
  9. waaawaaa waaa wikipedia isn't credible however, the sources being citing in that article are credible. pretty sure you guys wouldn't be arguing about the credibility of crap if it were how america sucks, waaa waaa waa, right?
  10. I actually have a turbo nes controller i was going to make into a belt buckle--but i couldn't figure out where to get the hardware, or what hardware to get. If you find out, let me know.
  11. Are you using adobe? I had bad experiences with adobe and firefox, I use foxit reader instead. DITTO THAT MY BROTHER.
  12. Get 2 gigs. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...;ATT=20-220-144 AR = $133ish.
  13. crap, thsi thread is already non-56k friendly. i don't see the big deal in posting more than 1 image per post.
  14. Exvania It's like bomberman, but I believe that it's got some stuff in it that bomberman lacks.
  15. Already have a RIP topic, don't we? Albeit, this one is better.
  16. You can't die by watching pornography, that's dumb. You tell me what's attractive about seeing members of the opposite--or same sex if that's what you're into--getting naked. Anybody male gets a boner. Bad could be getting caught watching porn? Now, I gotta ask, have you got a penis?
  17. The closest IMAX to me that's actually showing it is 5 hours away across the border. Jealous of anybody that sees it in IMAX. Try wikipedia search for the battle of thermopylae. Or the movie 300. Or IMDB. Or a search in general.
  18. See it ASAP. AMAZING. One of the best midnight showings of my life.
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