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  1. Then run Linux if it's so great. I'm pretty sure they've got windows emulators, like WINE.
  2. Yeah, it's just in Windows it comes built in instead of having to download 20+ programs for Linux, not to mention a windows emulator to actually play games--games that Mac will never get. And pimping out a Mac = changing the color of your case, because AFAIK, you can't upgrade much in a Mac, so when it becomes obsolete, just buck up and suck the tit by buying a new $2000 machine, right? Edit: Just so we're clear that I'm not spending $500 on Microsoft and that I'm not a total fanboy, I spent $40 for XP that got me a free upgrade to Vista. That's $20-$30 per OS. I'm frugal, and I like to know what I'm getting and that I can change it up if I want; I haven't heard of people upgrading macs, so I'll never get one.
  3. It's because the internet is serious business that it's such a big deal. AMIRITE SHOMA? AMIRITE? I wish I had a better graphics card so that I could turn everything up. :\
  4. Accurate description. Demo doesn't let you play NOD. I was sad. Only took an hour to download--had to find a website where I could get full speed on it though. You can play as NOD in skirmish. To do it, click the drop down tab which is GDI by default. NOD and Scrin are greyed out. Move the cursor to NOD, press N on the keyboard, then click the greyed out NOD word. Your faction will change to NOD. Why thank you! I will try that today!
  5. Accurate description. Demo doesn't let you play NOD. I was sad. Only took an hour to download--had to find a website where I could get full speed on it though.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_editing_software Might try looking through that list. Hope that helps.
  7. Built a new pc. Just beat Half Life 2. Almost done with Need for Speed: Most Wanted, not nearly done with Hitman: Blood Money.
  8. I was under the impression that french fries were American, and had nothing to do with France. Please use American English on my American internet.
  9. Bad. But there's hope. In the land of fry's, they sell ram on a stick by the gigahertz, you should buy some. If you're even more savvy, and have extra exp points, venture into the land of the newegg. ACCEPT QUEST?
  10. Exactly what I've been saying. And that's why I'm running a Core 2 Duo with a Tuniq Tower cooler right now. Gonna overclock the jesus out of this thing.
  11. From what I know, opteron is better than FX. But IIRC Core 2 Duo beats them both out--just do a search on tom's hardware. AMD is better than Intel if you're getting a single core chip, but for dual cores, right now Intel is the leader. And if overclocking is a priority, get either an e4300 or an e 6300 core 2 duo. http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/07/14/cor..._64/page18.html "First of all let me sort the facts: As soon as Core 2 Duo hits the market, it will... be the fastest x86 processor (both single and dual core models) make the Pentium D and all predecessors look like antiques be the clear choice for performance users despite its rather expensive price outperform the complete Athlon 64 family (X2 and FX) in all areas, including gaming, where AMD has traditionally been very strong consume less energy than other standard desktop processors transform the whole Intel platform from an energy-hungry beast to a reasonable solution that is competitive in terms of performance per Watt" older article, but nothing has changed.
  12. Oh please, how many people inhabit the united states right now? 300 million? I hardly think that the government is going to be tapping all 300 million telephones--and the telephones that they do tap, they probably have reason to tap. Be realistic here, god damn.
  13. congrats on making your own choice just making sure you're quite aware that core 2 duo chips are the fastest on the market right now, so if you're looking for the best, that's what you want. otherwise good choice, did you look into opterons at all?
  14. That's the exact same spoon-fed retard answer a geography teacher would say every time I argued against communism. Tell me, how can a social system work which doesn't take into account the nature of the people it purports to control? Saying communism works in theory is like saying that I've got a great idea for a perfect economy--but we just need to learn to fly.
  15. Hillary Clinton is a steamroller and a socialist. But we can't go around bashing communism here, since it clearly works
  16. Go core 2 duo e6300 or e4300 and buy a custom cpu cooler so you can overclock. and if you're getting a C2D, i'd say get the Gigabyte S3 or DS3 mobo, or if you can afford it the DQ6
  17. Well, assembly actually went fast. Took all of an hour to put everything together--wiring was another half hour or hour. Wiring in that case is a bear. It's all together now, but I'll see about taking some pictures of how it looks. The tuniq titan is a beast of a cooler, it dwarfs the motherboard. But I've got plenty of room to OC with how cool it keeps things
  18. I guess I've got to wait until Tuesday to get those last parts then :S I did a lot of research before I bought each part. So I hope I've got it right. I guess I'll find out.
  19. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just finished ordering the parts. And I hate UPS for not automatically delivering on Saturday (Bunch of bastards!) Anyway, specs: Case: Antec P180b CPU: Core 2 Duo E6300 CPU Cooling: Tuniq Tower 120 Mobo: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Memory: G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) System Memory Model F2-6400PHU1-1GBNR HDD: WD Caviar 250gb 16mb cache 7200rpm and I'll have an external 250gb HDD for backup purposes. PSU: RAIDMAX RX-530A 530W Monitor: Hanns G JC-199D 19" LCD Monitor Video Card: XFX GeForce 7600 GS LG 18X DVD±R Super-Multi DVD Burner And mouse and keyboard, I'll just steal the natural keyboard from this pc, and I've got a razer copperhead anarchy red coming in the mail. Soon I get to put it together, and I can't wait! Should I try to take pictures and post it when I start assembling it?
  20. Thanksgiving was awesome. I scored on Black Friday by getting an external hard drive.
  21. Shoot dudes, there's a thriving Game Works in downtown Seattle. It was hella busy last time I was there.
  22. Weight training is awesome. I swear, everybody in that class has a sense of humor. Allow me to elaborate. Yesterday, during this stuff where we were doing core exercises on a stability ball, where we had to sit toward the front of our stability balls and lean back, I fell off my ball and couldn't stop laughing about it, and I'm pretty sure everybody saw me because I talked to some people about it and they said they saw me and laughed. But what made Wednesday such a highlight was when Cheryl, the weight training instructor, stated "I hope none of you are allergic to latex" while we were leaning over the sability balls. I responded by making angry gestures and facial expressions. A couple of the older guys in the class--and when I say older, I mean older than me, but mid to late 20s--chuckle, and one of them loudly says "Man dude, haha, you're gonna have a long life!" My friend and I nearly fell off our stability balls laughing. And this wasn't even all that happened! Later in the stability ball day, we had to make a 'bridge' where we only have our upper back on the ball, and we 'thrust' up. Cheryl, again, the instructor, apparently asked someone what was so funny. For once it wasn't me laughing--it was probably the dude next to her and across the room from me--and the guy next to me says loud enough for me to hear it "Jeeze, I don't see how she can't get it, we're doing this--" and he demonstrates exaggerated thrusting, claiming that the instructor must be joking if she doesn't get it. My friend and I shared a few laughs at that. And today the guy that made the thrusting remark wore a shirt with a beaver holding a log that said "Wood is Good" and asked everybody "Do you guys like the beaver? My girlfriend got me this shirt. I love it. But for some reason the feminist nazis in my speech class didn't like it." Those feminist nazis conclude that "All men are potential rapists". I couldn't help but tell him about my feminist history teacher experiences, but that's another story altogether. Cheers!
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